Shopp 1.3.3 Maintenance Release

We are please to announce that the Shopp version 1.3.3 maintenance release is now available and addresses a several important issues affecting version 1.3.2.

You can also read about the new features and improvements introduced in version 1.3 on the announcement post Shopp 1.3 Upgrades WordPress Ecommerce for Everyone.

As of Shopp 1.3.2, you can now upgrade from any prior release of Shopp (version 1.0.x-1.2.x). It is strongly recommended that you backup your database before attempting the upgrade from earlier point-releases. For full instructions, read Upgrading to Shopp 1.3.

One-click upgrades are available for Shopp from or directly from with a valid Shopp Support Key. Manual upgrade instructions are available on the Installation documentation.

For troubleshooting assitance upgrading, purchase a Shopp Support Key or a Priority Support Credit from the Shopp Store.

Shopp 1.3.3 includes over 60 fixes and improvements over Shopp 1.3.2. Below are some of the more important fixes in this update.

1.3.3 Improvements

  • Fixed file system storage engine direct URLs where multiple WordPress installs are in the same directory tree
  • Fixed direct URL mapping on Windows servers
  • Fixed VAT tax handling to Rest-of-World (RoW) markets/third-country markets
  • Fixed customer report figures
  • Fixed issue with discounts applying when the discount limit is set to 1 per order
  • Fixed report pagination
  • Fixed order export column settings
  • Fixed subscriptions and subscription discounts in PayPal Standard
  • Fixed download blocking by some webhosts for large downloads
  • Fixed shipping and tax estimates requiring two clicks
  • Fixed taxable addon tallying
  • Fixed sort order for shopp_product_set_addon_options
  • Fixed smart collection option handling
  • Fixed image setting issues (quality, sharpness)
  • Fixed category description rendering
  • Fixed price range faceted menus (when no other faceted menus are set)
  • Fixed inline JS for checkout page to prevent WP filters from breaking web standards
  • Fixed PHP 5.5 support by improving the Shopp DB engine to support mysqli extension
  • Fixed unapplying discounts to properly handle free shipping discounts
  • Fixed customer tax conditional rules
  • Added cache support to Also Bought smart collection
  • Added id option for and cart.shipping in the Theme API
  • Added product addon columns to order exports
  • Added get_terms support for storefront.has-categories
  • Added WP Embed support to product descriptions
  • Added support for custom Theme API modules in wp-content/shopp-addons/
  • Added support for exclude category options to smart collections
  • Improved product deleting to remove old product dimension meta entries
  • Improved Shopp add-on change detection
  • Improved plugin compatibility with better namespacing and filter hooks
  1. The shipping durring checkout at the estimate shipping and taxes is correct, however when my most recent customer entered in her address and proceded to checkout SHOPP decided the shipping should be 24.75 instead of the correct 8.75 quoted by the estimate shipping and taxes.

    So far 90% of my customers have been unable to successfully checkout due to SHOPP problems.

    May 6th   #

  2. I updated the Shopp plugin and it messed up my shopp page of my site. No items view, and when I click on them from the dashboard I get an error page.

    What can I do to repair?

    error reads:
    Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to ShoppUI::addmetabox() must be an instance of string, string given, called in /home/content/47/11899247/html/wp-content/plugins/shopp/core/ui/categories/ui.php on line 23 and defined in /home/content/47/11899247/html/wp-content/plugins/shopp/core/flow/Admin.php on line 1067

    May 6th   #

  3. These sorts of issues were connected with plugin incompatibility for a small number of plugins. Shopp 1.3.4 has been released and resolves this issue.

    June 12th   #

  4. Hi Sten, we did find an issue with the tiered rate calculators that was corrected and released with Shopp 1.3.4. Now that the new version is available you might want to update and give it a try. It should resolve your issues.

    June 12th   #

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