Shopp 1.3.4 Maintenance Release

We are pleased to announce that the Shopp version 1.3.4 maintenance release is now available and addresses a several important issues affecting version 1.3.3.

You can also read about the new features and improvements introduced in version 1.3 on the announcement post Shopp 1.3 Upgrades WordPress Ecommerce for Everyone.

As of Shopp 1.3.2, you can now upgrade from any prior release of Shopp (version 1.0.x-1.2.x). It is strongly recommended that you backup your database before attempting the upgrade from earlier point-releases. For full instructions, read Upgrading to Shopp 1.3.

Shopp 1.3.4 includes over 100 fixes and improvements over Shopp 1.3.3. This update includes important security enhancements and it is strongly recommended that all merchants update to Shopp 1.3.4.

Below are highlights of a few of the most important changes in Shopp 1.3.4:

1.3.4 Improvements

  • Added “No tracking” option when sending shipment notices
  • Added a payment types report
  • Added customer type to customer export data
  • Added discount support to PayPal Standard subscriptions
  • Added duplicate submit protection during checkout
  • Added proper content encoding for additional notification emails
  • Adjusted the default number of products per page to avoid empty blocks
  • Ensure all payment card PAN data is reset after an order, rather than leave the last 4 digits
  • Fixed acccount-based download restrictions from applying when no accounts are used
  • Fixed applying discounts properly when a lowe discount limit is used
  • Fixed category description wpautop filtering
  • Fixed download buffering issues for some installs
  • Fixed fill option support for images
  • Fixed item totals in the order admin for inclusive taxes
  • Fixed Offline Payment setting
  • Fixed Related Products and Tag Products smart collection options
  • Fixed search results in the product manager to include out of stock products
  • Fixed tax calculations when changing product variant selections in the cart
  • Fixed Tax Report to properly query and derive appropriate averages
  • Fixed tiered shipping calculator rate selection
  • Fixed ul/ol rendering in IE11
  • Fixed variation option sorting in the product editor
  • Fixed show and limit options for smart collections
  • Improved email validation to support more TLD patterns
  • Improved PHP $_SESSION variable storage to avoid file system permission issues causing slow down on some Shopp installs
  • Improved storefront CSS classes to make it easier for developers to override them
  • Improved the image sharpening filter (unsharp mask) to sharpen only the edges in an image at a dynamic strength (this is a vast improvement of sharpening with results near or better than ImageMagick quality)
  • Removed scalar typehints causing plugin compatibility issues with some plugins
  • Updated 2Checkout checkout workflow
  • Maintain session security after loading encrypted session data

One-click upgrades are available for Shopp from or directly from with a valid Shopp Support Key. Manual upgrade instructions are available on the Installation documentation.

For troubleshooting assitance upgrading, purchase a Shopp Support Key or a Priority Support Credit from the Shopp Store.

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