Shopp 1.3.5 Maintenance Release

We are pleased to announce that the Shopp version 1.3.5 maintenance release is now available and addresses a several important issues affecting version 1.3.4.

You can also read about the new features and improvements introduced in version 1.3 on the announcement post Shopp 1.3 Upgrades WordPress Ecommerce for Everyone.

As of Shopp 1.3.2, you can now upgrade from any prior release of Shopp (version 1.0.x-1.2.x). It is strongly recommended that you backup your database before attempting the upgrade from earlier point-releases. For full instructions, read Upgrading to Shopp 1.3.

Shopp 1.3.5 includes around 20 fixes and improvements over Shopp 1.3.4 including some important performance improvements for some sites that use PHP session data.

Below are highlights of a few of the most important changes in Shopp 1.3.5:

1.3.5 Improvements

  • Added shopp- prefix support to default page templates. Deprecated {name}.php theme templates.
  • Added SKU field to the product report
  • Added ShoppShiprateService parameter to shopp_shipping_fees filter hook to allow developers to handle custom fees per shipping option programmatically
  • Updated USPS tracking URL
  • Fixed native PHP Session storage and cleanup
  • Optimized service loading to prevent issues causing some image load failures
  • Fixed tax handling for add-ons
  • Fixed reports to provide more accurate figures
  • Fixed checkout submit button disabling behavior
  • Fixed disabling comments on Shopp pages
  • Fixed leftover scalar typehints causing PHP warnings
  • Fixed tax handling in feeds when using inclusive taxes
  • Fixed hyphenation handling in search indexing and query rewriting (allows for exact SKU matches)
  • Fixed item-based shipping calculators to correctly work with free shipping discounts
  • Fixed order lookup error handling
  • Fixed JS issue that can prevent variant menu options from loading in the product editor
  • Fixed category product counting when changing product published status
  • Removed deprecated shortcodes in favor of namespaced shortcodes

One-click upgrades are available for Shopp from or directly from with a valid Shopp Support Key. Manual upgrade instructions are available on the Installation documentation.

For troubleshooting assitance upgrading, purchase a Shopp Support Key or a Priority Support Credit from the Shopp Store.

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