Shopp 1.3 “Mars” Development Wrapping Up

Today we’re announcing to our community that our development efforts will be wrapping up in the next couple weeks on what will be the 1.3 release of Shopp.

Just to name a few of the features to expect in 1.3:

  • Reports – Interactive sales reports with charting and exports
  • 100% WPML compatibility
  • Autoloading implementation for better memory management
  • product markup implementation in the Shopp content templates
  • Abandoned shopping “cold storage” that will allow for shopping cart abandonment follow-up and even conversions
  • Apply multiple taxes (different taxes, tax rates and compound taxes)
  • Improved the dynamic storefront pages to have complete SEO plugin compatibility

It also includes a whole host of bug fixes, better code architecture, leaner shopping session data and so much more under-the-hood improvements. We think you’re really going to love it!

We will be transitioning to beta in the coming weeks and will begin pushing pre-release versions and bleeding-edge nightly pre-releases for developers soon. Keep an eye on the blog, and our @shopplugin Twitter account for more updates!

  1. Hi,

    is there an update on the roadmap to 1.3 available? We urgently need full WPML support!

    Best wishes

    June 7th   #

  2. Your definition of quickly wrapping up and mine appear to be different since two months later we’ve yet to see an update.

    Can you please provide an update to the community as I’m looking to upgrade or transition to another provider due to gaps in the current product that are listed as features of 1.3.

    Thank you.


    June 27th   #

  3. Development wrapping up means we’re moving into the testing phase which can take a couple of months. In addition we are adding new quality assurance testing to further strengthen stability across the entire platform. It takes time, but we do have pre-release version of 1.3 available to those with a Developer key.

    July 1st   #

  4. Will 1.3 have the Remote API support that has been discussed? I’ll definitely buy a developer key if it does.

    July 25th   #

  5. Just wondering if you have set a release date or have a ballpark guesstimate?

    August 26th   #

  6. Is there any update on the release timeline? We’re looking for the admin API and remote API compatibility. I’ve looked at the dev version, but am wondering when you anticipate a stable release so I can let my clients know of a more solid timeline. The last I heard was the end of August.


    September 4th   #

  7. We are shooting for the end of September.

    September 18th   #

  8. Any updates?

    October 17th   #

  9. Jonathan,

    Will there be a feature in 1.3 where it will allow people to ‘Remove’ a promo code from the shopping cart? I’ve got a ton of my clients who use Shopp asking me for this feature!

    October 28th   #

  10. Is there an expected release date yet? Im looking to use the product importer feature and the old product importer plugin doesnt seem to be compatible with shopp 1.2.9.

    October 28th   #

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