Shopp 1.3 Upgrades WordPress Ecommerce for Everyone

We’re proud to annouce version 1.3 of Shop is now available! The Shopp development team is very happy to bring you the next generation of Shopp and it’s no coincidence that it has landed on 12/13.


Shopp 1.3 should be considered a major upgrade. Do not upgrade to 1.3 rashly or carelessly. If you have any concern regarding upgrading, keep your clients on Shop 1.2.x and stage the upgrade on a testing site first. Do your due dilligence and please carefully review the following documents before planning your upgrade.

  • Upgrading to Shopp 1.3 outlines best practices for upgrading Shopp. We strongly recommend a full backup of your database and site files before proceeding with an upgrade!
  • Template Changes in 1.3 provides a reference to all of the template changes to guide you in transitioning your existing templates to use new features and API calls in Shopp 1.3.

New Requirements

Shopp’s operating requirements have changed in this release requiring a minimum of PHP 5.2 and WordPress 3.5 in order to run. Be aware of this before attempting to upgrade older versions of Shopp.

Major Changes

The development cycle was fraught with a number of delays that only hindsight reveals as not only necessary but vital. This release represents a turning point for the Shopp project and we have a lot more news to share. Keep an eye on this space for new announcements in the next couple of weeks. We can’t divulge everything today, but let’s just say, Christmas for is coming early this year.

What’s New in Shopp 1.3

The 1.3 release features a lot of under-the-hood work. That’s good news for everyone, but the changes will be most visible to developers. There are still some amazing new features and benefits for everyone to enjoy!


  • Added report system with charts, scoreboards, data tables and exporting
  • Support for filtering reports by date ranges
  • Support for changing the scale of reports by hour, by day, by week or by month
  • Added Sales report
  • Added Tax report
  • Added Shipping report
  • Added Discounts report
  • Added Customers report
  • Added Locations report
  • Added Products report
  • Added Inventory report

WordPress Integration

  • Improved dynamic storefront pages integration and compatibility with third-party plugins
  • Added support to set the Shopp catalog page as the WordPress page on front (homepage)
  • Updated Help tabs with complete coverage for every Shopp admin screen
  • Streamlined WordPress admin menus for Shopp down to Shopp & Catalog
  • Added tabbed navigation to Setup and System screens
  • Added vector graphics support for high resolution displays and WP 3.8
  • Shopp Promotions have been renamed to Discounts
  • Added custom pagination settings to the product and category managers
  • Fixed order printing in IE

Checkout Improvements

  • Redesigned ordering system components including the shopping cart, shipping rates, taxes, payment handler and discount sub-systems
  • PayPal Standard will now create orders before sending customers to PayPal for payment
  • Improved customer registration handlers save customer registration information so that logins can be securely created later (for eCheck payments)
  • Form field labels in the default templates now appear above the input rather than below to follow usability conventions
  • Streamlined the payment card fields to remove the largely unnecessary card holder field from the default templates
  • Changed the payment card expiration inputs to menus that follow the standard payment card expriation date format
  • Changed the session lifetime default to 2 days instead of 3 hours
  • Added sesssion stashing to save abandoned sessions for up to 2 weeks

Catalog Improvements

  • Added support to Shopp default starter templates
  • Added WordPress Embeds & oEmbed
  • Added vector graphics where possible using a custom icon font for Shopp
  • Added vector art for most payment methods
  • Added store maintenance mode settingĀ£
  • Updated the category carousel and product modal zoom with vector UI elements
  • Redsigned the default modal zoom for products
  • Improved the storefront CSS to be more developer friendly
  • Enhanced support for translation plugins

Order Management

  • Edit customer details and reassign orders to different customers in the Order Manager
  • Product thumnails are included when viewing an order in the Order Manager


  • Consolidated currency and amount handling into the gateway framework


  • Added support for compound tax rates
  • Redesigned inclusive tax support

Performance Improvements

  • Implemented PHP auto-loading to improve memory management
  • Fixed slow dashboard queries
  • Added strategic use of transients where applicable
  • Improved image server reliability and added direct URL image downloads where possible

Developer Enhancements

  • Added Recalcualte Product Summaries tool
  • Added support for wp-content/shopp-addons/ directory to protect custom and installed add-ons from core plugin updates
  • Added shopp_metabox_before_{id} and shopp_metabox_after_{id} to all Shopp meta boxes
  • Added a Developer API for Admin calls to register menus, submenus and tabs
  • Added about 90 new filter and action hooks
  • Added about 20 new Theme API calls
  • Added about 40 new Developer API functions

Thank You Contributors!

A sincere thank you to all of the contributors on this release. Barry Hughes and Clifton Griffin contributed a lot of their expert time on this release and it wouldn’t be here today were it not for them. Also, thank you to all of the new contributors to the project this cycle! You’ll be able to see all of them in the new credits screen when you install Shopp.

We wish everyone happy holidays and the best of success with Shopp!

  1. Awesome news, Jonathan. We’re really excited about this upgrade.

    Congrats to you and your team for such great work!

    December 17th   #

  2. Yes, this is great news. It certainly was a wait but it is nice to feel that the project has continued development and it does look like a lot got done!

    December 23rd   #

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