Shopp 1.0 Official Release

I’m proud to announce the immediate availability of the first official release, Shopp 1.0!

It’s taken 10 months of development to birth a completely fresh e-commerce solution engineered to solve some of the most common problems that plague people trying to setup online storefronts. That vision is finally here.

Be sure to check out the features page and if you’re more of a picture-person take a look at the tour of Shopp.

Before You Buy

Before you buy, you should be absolutely certain that your web hosting service meets Shopp’s technology requirements. You might want to grab a copy of the Shopp Requirements Check Plugin to be absolutely sure.

You’ll notice the Shopp core comes in two flavors: Single-site and Developer.

  • Single-site — $55
    For a single install of Shopp that you want to keep up-to-date. Low-cost of entry to test things out and get a feel for how to work with Shopp. Easy to pass on the cost (with a profit margin) to your clients on a per-project basis.
  • Developer — $299
    When you’re ready to commit to Shopp as your ongoing e-commerce solution, the developer key provides automatic updates across all of your Shopp installs. Sorry, single-site purchases do not count toward the purchase of a developer key so you’ll want to be sure Shopp is the right solution for crew.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has helped me get this thing to release. Finally. It’s been a long time and a whole lot of hard, but fun, work. I want to specifically thank my family for dealing with my workaholic syndrome to make sure the project actually got launched. Thanks to my parents and in-laws for their love, encouragement and support throughout the process.

And of course, to the participating members of the Shopp Beta Team. Those of you that regularly reported bugs, ran into the problems and helped me find solutions. You have earned your update key and made Shopp so much better than I could have on my own.

  1. Funny I was just testing another WP shopping cart solution (that shall remain nameless) and was getting rather frustrated with it when I came across a blog post about Shopp. I immediately came to your site and have just purchased a single license to test and if it works out I look forward to purchasing a Developer License to provide this great solution to all of my clients! Look forward to working with Shopp! Mahalo for all of your hard work and All ALOHA!

    December 31st   #

  2. Great job Jon! You really are filling a huge gap in this category. This plugin is well worth it and the Dev license is a deal. Now get some sleep!
    My first client thanks you

    December 31st   #

  3. your plugin is….PERFECT ! thank’s a lot ! great job…and happy new year !

    December 31st   #

  4. co-sign to what Ben said, and thats the exact reason I am so happy to be using it on my website.

    January 2nd   #

  5. Right on! Good work Jon! Thanks for releasing what I consider to be the best WP shopping cart available.


    January 6th   #

  6. Finally a viable solution for WP sites — I have tested and implemented every e-commerce nightmare out there… LOL

    January 20th   #

  7. This is very interesting!!! There’s only one question I have about this though before signing up with it. What are the limitations of the developer “flavor?” Can I use it for any site I develop on different hosts or for different clients? Is it for a single developer or a developing business? I’m quite interested in it but I want to know what the limitations are in the license before I commit. Thanks.

    January 30th   #

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