Shopp Alpha Work

Shopp has been in an “alpha” release stage for the last couple weeks now. Most of the really major features are done or at least the core functionality of those features are in place so they can be finished without major architectural refactoring.

I hadn’t originally planned an alpha at all, but now that I’m doing it, I’m really glad I am. With the alpha, I’m testing Shopp with a very small group that is helping me find the critical flaws that need tackled before it can be released as a beta.

Don’t feel slighted that you’re not in the alpha. There are a lot of headaches right now that I know most of you don’t want to have to deal with. As it is, I can already see the biggest headache for most will be getting their web host to support the latest server technologies (PHP 5 with GD 2 & cURL and possibly MySQL 5). Unfortunately, for a lot of you, that’s going to mean problems getting Shopp working on your site. There’s just no way around it. Shopp has been engineered on top of the improvements provided in these technologies, and they are necessary to how well Shopp does it’s job.

As the current alpha crew have less and less major issues, I’ll be slowly adding more people to the group and then launch the beta program. Hopefully, not having the amount of critical issues there were in the early, early releases will encourage all the beta testers to stick with it and take the time to give me the feedback I need to polish Shopp up to near perfection. If you’re really familiar with WordPress, or perhaps have some development experience and are interested in giving Shopp a whirl, I’ll consider you for some of the later alpha testing, just fill out the beta app.


On another topic, I’ve been out of commission online because of the wind storm that hit my area here in Ohio from the remnants of Ike. Our power and Internet access were knocked out for quite awhile. If you’ve been trying to reach me and found that I’ve not been on Skype or AIM, that’s why.

Things are back online this morning, so I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled development work – crushing bugs!

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