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Shopp has always been an open-source project open to contributions, patches and new ideas. Over its lifetime we’ve had several contributors that have given of their time to make Shopp a better platform for themselves, their clients and the Shopp community at large. Today, we’re adding one of those contributors to the Shopp Development Team.

Barry Hughes, of Freshly Baked Websites, has worked with us for a couple years as a member of our amazing Support Team. He has also made significant contributions to the literally every corner of the project and community.

If you’re familiar with the community at all you’ve seen him on the Help Desk and providing fantastic help on his own time in the community forums. He’s submitted numerous code patches to the Shopp core. He’s developed payment system integrations, written tutorials, and submitted many, many, many bug reports. It’s obvious he’s given a lot of himself to the project.

He’s also just an all around great person. Barry is a Scotsman living in British Columbia, Canada providing web development consulting services at Freshly Baked Websites. Lately, that enterprise has focusing on the opportunities that working with Shopp have brought him. He also has some serious programming chops as a Zend Certified Engineer with loads of PHP experience.

He knows Shopp incredibly well and has earned our team’s respect and trust. We are incredibly excited to add Barry as a core contributor to the project. He’ll continue doing his thing as a consultant available for freelance work on Shopp (and other) web-related projects. This affords the Shopp project a new perspective that is really in keeping with the spirit of open-source projects – a project open to development by more than one company, or person.

Please join us and congratulate Barry. Welcome to the Development Team!

  1. Congrats Barry!

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