ShoppKeepers Journal – Inaugural Edition

The ShoppKeepers Journal is a new monthly newsletter to keep you informed about the goings-on in e-commerce and Shopp. Each issue will include news, development trends, marketing tips and insightful statistics to help you succeed in the incredibly competitive marketplace that is online commerce.

We hope you find it incredibly useful and informative! Consider it our way of thanking you for being an awesome and using Shopp.

Holy Grail of eCommerce Conversion Optimization – 91 Point Checklist and Infographic

A comprehensive guide to optimizing everything on your site for a filthy rich user experience. It’s a checklist. It’s an infographic. It’s everything you “need to know” to know you’ve done your job right.

Checkout-less Commerce: Amex Lets You Pay With a #Hashtag

While “Tweet-commerce” is an intriguing experiment, we’ll have to wait to see how it plays out and whether shoppers take to it. Fad or not, it’s a a brave play. One taken not by the usual suspects like Amazon or eBay, but by a credit card company.

Value Proposition: A simple spreadsheet to help you categorize your products’ value

Crafting your value proposition narritive is paramount to grabbing and keeping a shopper’s attention. This article shares a tool that helps you design an effective, meaningful value proposition strategy.

5 Ecommerce Landing Pages: Good and Bad

Getting the landing page right can make or break your marketing campaign. Tour a small sample of landing pages as they are picked apart to figure out what works well and what well… doesn’t.

WordPress 3.6 In Beta

The first beta release of WordPress 3.6 is out. This release focuses on post formats, the new default theme Twenty Thirteen, audio and viideo embedding features, autosaved posts, post locking, better nav menu management and improved revisions management.

From Info to Ideas

To wrap up, here are some e-commerce related stats we found the most interesting:

  • More than 70% of US shoppers trust brand and product recommendations from their friends and family. Only 10% feel the same about online ads.
  • Every minute more than 2 million Google searches are performed.
  • When buying goods people are willing to share their name 82% of the time, email 79% of the time and address 77% of the time.
  • The average annual value of each customer relationship lost to a competitor or abandoned – $289.
  • This seems crazy but one study showed 40% of users were unaware that Google Adwords are adverts, thought they were the most authoritative results.

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