ShoppKeepers Journal, May 1st 2013

How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

Building links is an ongoing activity that continues to pivot with changes in search engines. What used to be “the way” to do things has either become a short-term strategy or isn’t a best practice anymore. Take a deep dive into why Content Marketing is important to you and your business.

The Future of Content Marketing Revealed

To dovetail on the previous resource, this article goes even further and breaks down the trends of where content marketing is going. To put it succinctly, content marketing is trending towards “more, more and more…”. Get “more” behind the link.

10 Ways to Compete Against Large Ecommerce Companies

The “David and Goliath” battles are common in every e-commerce market. So what do you do if you’re “David”? This tip sheet has actionable ideas that leverage your small size and nimbleness to run circles around the big dogs in your niche.

Lifting A Manual Penalty Given By Google

Getting penalized by Google can be a death knell for your online business. This personal story chronicles one man’s journey at getting the penalty lifted and their site back into Google.

The WordPress Brute Force Attack Timeline

In case you weren’t already aware, a series of brute force attacks targeting WordPress sites hit in a big way this month. The Sucuri security team put together a detailed timeline of the outbreak. It’s important to note that these attacks are not happening because of WordPress vulnerabilities, but rather are simply targeting sites powered by WordPress to find and take over sites with little to no security measures employed.

By The Numbers…

Over the last few weeks we came across these stats that we thought were the most insightful and informative:

  • Around 79% of online shoppers spend half their online shopping time researching products.
  • Studies show that people can make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds (90% of that judgment is based on color alone)
  • Women most love blue, purple and green. Men love blue, green and black. Not a coincidence since almost no one has a blue color deficiency.
  • Retailer website load times have increased 22% from 5.94 seconds in Dec 2011 to 7.25 seconds in Dec 2012. Not good for ecommerce sites.
  • Ecommerce hit $1 Trillion in worldwide sales for 2012
  1. The date says 2003, not 2013, FYI.

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