– Easily Extend Your Shopp Webshop

Would you like to extend your webshop easily, without having to be a programmer? plugins for your Shopp webshop comes to the rescue!

All resources on (except for free & third-party resources) come with 1 year of free updates and (technical) support. Theyʼre all made with ease of use in mind, which means you donʼt necessarily have to edit templates in order to use them.

The following plugins are available now in the webshop:

  • Checkout Steps
    Let your customers know where they are in the checkout procedure.
  • Default Payment Gateway
    Define a default payment gateway without having to adjust template files.
  • Default Product Type
    Define a default product type for when you add a new product (handy for webshops that donʼt only handle shipping products).
  • Force SSL — FREE!
    Make sure your account and checkout pages are save behind SSL (regardless of what payment gateway you use).
  • Gift Certificates
    Sell and accept gift certificates through your webshop (uses Shopp Promos).
  • Give Credit (AddOn for Store Credit)
    Let customers by Store Credit for other customers!
  • Store Credit
    Let your customers deposit cash into their store accounts!

Here are some of the great plugins in the pipeline in the coming months:

  • Addressbook
    Gives customers the option to store multiple addresses in their account (and easily select them during checkout).
  • Generate Credits (AddOn for Store Credit)
    Generate codes for Store Credit, ie for flyers / email campaigns.
  • Wishlist Pro
    A better/extended version of the currently available (free) Shopp Wishlist plugin.

And thereʼs a lot more to come!

Please note that resources from are not supported by the official Shopp support team on the Help Desk. For support on plugins use the Contact form.

  1. I visited and received a content-free page. Works fine in Dutch though.

    January 20th   #

  2. Im looking that I have website also my domain name with web hosting called but I would like to add eshop into my website which with company well is it posible to do that ? because I don’t have idea about this plug in ? I just worry I will make mistake to do that? Any advice please,Thanks

    Kind Regards, tirta

    February 3rd   #

  3. Sounds nice, but I am very disapointed in the development of this plugin. Beta development seems to be going nowhere, milestones are delayd every time (for months now). There still is no proper working iDeal gateway in the 1.2 beta which I am waiting for for months now! I’ve decided to stop using shopp and go for the way-better supported opencart. When running an ecommerce business you cannot rely on shopp! I am waiting to get my planned shops in the air for at least 3 months now while RC’s are being delayed every time.

    February 4th   #

  4. @Everyone, I’m sorry for the problems with loading the website. My server has been having memory issues and because of that the website didn’t load (properly) from time to time. Since that has been upgraded the website should load properly again.

    For questions regarding and its products (for pre-sale questions, for technical support after purchase there’s a separate support-area). you can contact me through and I will get back to you ASAP 🙂

    February 5th   #

  5. Jurgen.

    You’re right. I too am in the waiting position. I run a web development company and we have been using shopp for all eCommerce websites. However, i’m considering moving to another piece of software. Thanks for the opencart suggestion.

    February 6th   #

  6. Can we purchase the plugin that has the gift certificate capability? also, how does it work exactly and what versions does it work with? thank you for a quick response, as i have the website needs it quickly. thank you. Curtis

    April 25th   #

  7. Read the small print on the gift certificate. It does not do what you might think. It is simply a promotion code:

    When clients buy the gift certificate a promo-code is added automatically and this code will be sent through email to the recipient Important Note:
    The current version doesn’t allow the customer to use the gift certificate for multiple orders. So if the total order amount is lower than the amount the gift certificate is for they’ll lose a portion of the discount.

    It’s nice that it emails the gift card to the recipient, but not sophisticated enough to be a real gift certificate. That will take a bit of programming to build that in.

    April 3rd   #

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