Small Fixes in 1.0.4

Yeah, it’s only been about a week, but I wanted to get some small updates out quickly to address some of the issues discovered in the last big release. Hopefully, this one will resolve most of those issues for everyone.

Here are the highlights of this release:

  • Fixed the shipping/taxes default estimate bug
  • Updated the country code for the United Kingdom to GB for ISO 3166-1 compliance – fixes issues with PayPal Express and PayPal Pro
  • New tag support for custom order data and custom product inputs in the Cart, and Order Receipt
  • Added the product:is-featured tag
  • Improved internationalization support

Simultaneously, I’ve found a fix to the PayPal Pro tax issue. So that module has been updated as well. Just check the auto-update system to grab a copy or manually download the update from your original purchase receipt.

I’m starting to hear about a lot of sites getting rolled out with Shopp! As you launch your Shopp-power stores, be sure to submit your site to the Showcase and share what you’ve done. I know some of you are doing some really amazing stuff and pushing the limits of the platform. The showcase is a great place to inspire other with what’s possible in Shopp. It’s already amazing to see how differently the sites look in the Showcase so far – not the cookie-cutter sort of looks of other solutions. I hope the showcase continues to speak to the enormous possibilities that Shopp affords.

  1. Hi,

    I am in the process of creating a website for a not-for profit company. I have been trying to use wordpress’ ecommerce plugin, however it does not seem to interact well with the contact-7 plugin I am also using.

    Do you know if Shopp functions with contact-7?

    Thank you,


    February 23rd   #

  2. @Stephanie A list of known compatibility issues are posted here:

    February 27th   #

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