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A beautiful custom theme was designed and integrated with WordPress and Shopp for SPCK publishing – a publisher of Christian books worldwide. We used the product attributes in Shopp to allow segmentation of the database of 900 books into groups e.g new titles, aswell as using the out-of-the-box categories within Shopp.

The SPCK Publishing website was built using WordPress and the Shopp plug-in. Due to using open source software, SPCK managed to get a customized solution for a price which suited their budget, and is easily maintained in-house.

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  1. Could anyone help me answer this question please?

    How to separate all the shop/catergories links in to 2 main menus.
    I mean the “Book Categories” and the “Book Series” sidebar menu

    Thank you and sorry for my broken english in advance. ^^

    May 16th   #

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