Empty Mind Films

A fairly simple e-commerce site with only one category – our own independent movies. Just a little tweaking to style sheets but everything else is out-of-the-box. We use and Paypal for processing payments.

Colette Patterns

Shop for small sewing pattern designer using Shopp. The store is a subsection of the site, as is the blog, but the entire site is WordPress-powered. Shopp was customized pretty heavily, including modifications such as custom templates, different JavaScript, and enhancements to how the cart and checkout operate. Site is using and Paypal Express.

Three Minute Egg

We use Shopp for all of our site’s E-commerce needs from product management to Fedex shipping quotes and payment processing.

GamZu is a board games, card games, and dice games retailer. We used the “straight from the box” functionality for the most part. We used template tags and product categories quite extensively to create an easy-to-browse situation for our site visitors. The coupon code functionality is one of our personal favorite features included in Shopp.…

Midnight Oil Productions

Professional quality worship media and training for churches Midnight Oil uses Shopp extensively. It is a medium-size store with hundreds of products of varying types, including downloadable videos, titles with both physical and digital delivery variations, seminar registrations, apparel, and more. It makes extensive use of CSS and template tags to present the store on…


couture for a cause The Shopp plugin has worked very well for our clients e-commerce solution. The OriginOne shop currently utilizes promo codes, flat-rate shipping, and inventory control for out-of-stock items. We’re also successfully using the add-on. The template tags really helped us create our own custom shop without hacking. We were very pleased…

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