DuckYou! it’s a brand that makes and prints t-shirts, original designs and specials requests. This shop helps our clients tour our portfolio (with new designs added every week).


Shopp powers the toggle shop. We stripped the plugin right back to basics and implemented it from the ground up to fit the grid system and toggle brand. On the toggle shop you will find clothes for gadgets (iPhones, Macbooks, Laptops, iPad) and Stationery (cards, letterpress, design, hand bound books).

For online clothing stores where there are a lot of needs for customization, Shopp for WordPress just makes sense. This site includes modified PHP and customized CSS in order to make the shopping part as simple as the client wanted.

MyPOV360 – Point of View Cameras

I heavily customized this site to extend the functionality of Shopp. Each product has the capability of having reviews and examples of videos shot with each camera. I also added MailChimp newsletter integration for when users checkout.

Surf Pet

Shopp powers the store with over 400 products. We used a custom parent theme that we helped develop called Shopp Architect to build the home page features and navigation options.

We use Shopp to sell our online course, book, classes and audio book. We also use it to offer promotions, discounts and more.

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