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We used category tags to output all featured items and displayed one set with jCarouselLite and another set with jQuery Cycle plugin. This makes it easy to showcase featured products and provide a nice display of them. We used a jQuery accordion plugin to display the product blocks on the catalog page. This makes for a much easier to view condensed view of the Bestsellers, Features, New and Sale Products. The sidecart uses custom Ajax handlers to display what was added as well as what is currently in the cart.

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  1. Can you explain more how to display the carrousel ?

    December 11th   #

  2. Hi Jonah Coyote

    Nice site – Good example of what can be done. I noticed you are using different parent categories to show the main product and also “other products”. Is this a problem then if you wanted to use the blog, would the same categories show up on the blog page?

    Also just wondering how you got on with the SEO of this site? I notice you are using All In One SEO on the item page, you seem to have canonical URL’s and you’ve got something going on with the page title, but there are no page descriptions. Does this work?



    January 11th   #

  3. Hi all, thanks for the votes and comments and sorry for my late reply!

    @anthonymasure – yeah, basically I included the carousel script, targeted the carousel id and used the following markup and Shopp code in my page.php template in WordPress:

    Featured Products

                            &lt;a href=&quot;" title=""&gt;</a>
                            &lt;a href=&quot;" title=""&gt;</a>


    @realise – I don’t think there were conflicts with categories because the Other Crafts category is a Shopp category. I’m not sure about the SEO, I didn’t do too much with this and the project has sort of stalled since the client didn’t have more to spend on anything else.

    • Jonah
    February 26th   #

  4. Hey Jonah.

    What plugin did you use / how did you get the functionality for the Couch Patterns item in the sidebar menu?


    March 24th   #

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