The challenge was to redesign the shop front. Luckily, Shopp made it easy for me.

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  1. I want to chang my website to the plugin. What should I do? How much is it for me to use this plugin?

    June 14th   #

  2. the way your lay out is looks really cool seems different from the other users of the plugin, was this a custom code or did shop was able to have it like this out the box? love the fact everything is all on the screen!!!! very cool.

    June 20th   #

  3. It’s $55 for a single-site access key and $299 for a developer access key.

    June 22nd   #

  4. this clovers shopping site was this layout easy with the plugin or is that custom made? i also like how all the product is laid out.

    July 11th   #

  5. Bank transfer information will be email to you?

    Does anyone really shop like this?

    July 24th   #

  6. Nice minimalist execution. The one thing it does, like all Shopp installations is something that irritates me a lil with many e-commerce solutions. Why do we have to be directed to the Cart page when we add an item??? This is 2010, man! Use jQuery/Ajax and add the thing to the Cart. Further, why can’t we select the order quanitity form the get-go. These are two glaring areas to me.

    Otherwise, Shopp is magnificently concise and simply brilliant. Fix these two areas and you will have an even better product.

    Keep up the great work, Shopp team!

    August 27th   #

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