Update On 1.0.5 Testing

I recently rolled out 1.0.5 b3 to the beta team and they are putting it through it’s paces. There is a lot of new functionality and lots of important bug fixes. Still, there is more that didn’t make it into this release that I hoped would.

We’re starting to settle in to a release schedule of a new minor point release every month. I think a month between releases is a fair schedule to maintain in getting fixes and smaller enahncements out to the Shopp community. It’s also enough time to ensure the updates are solid enough for production use.

The biggest advancements coming in 1.0.5 include:

  • Customer-defined donation amounts (variable donations)
  • A fix for slow query performance on stores with a large product dataset
  • Major speed optimizations for the category products query (the core query)
  • A new error system that enables error logging and e-mail notification for transaction errors to aide in fixing problems and errors faster and easier
  • Duplicate products feature – complete product copies
  • A re-imagined interface design for WordPress 2.7 with better visual distinction between sections of input and support for a configurable interface (collapsing sections and dragging them around)
  • Workflow support for the product and category editors to make management faster and easier than ever – use it and you’ll see what I mean
  • A new search shopp() tag to “force” store searches or blog searches
  • New options for a variety of tags to make the shopp() tags API more flexible
  • Some admin restructuring that cleans up the codebase and makes things easier to maintain (less bugs and faster bug fixes)
  • Better support for different models of remote checkout processes
  • Fixes for the killer bugs of 1.0.4 including the missing categories in the category manager
  • Support for easily overriding Thickbox image zoom
  • Customer account management interfaces (and templates) when the Shopp account system is enabled

So, with all this coming to 1.0.5, it begs the question: what’s left out? Unfortunately, I’m kicking the can down the road in supporting Manual Payments, Bank Transfers, COD and other deferred payment situations. It’s not a matter of not wanting to implement them. In fact it is the opposite. Because I take it so seriously, it is a matter of a careful development approach that provides a comprehensive solution, not a quick fix. The re-engineering effort required to acheive these features is non-trivial and rather than introduce new instability and delay 1.0.5 further, we’re choosing to wait for 1.0.6 and get it done right – with the entire focus of the 1.0.6 release on the revised payment systems architecture. So for those of you waiting for these features, I’m afraid your wait will be a little longer, but worth it in the end.

The 1.0.5 release is still looking like it will be an impressive update to Shopp. It continues to show a commitment to quality updates that make it worthwhile to invest in the Shopp e-commerce platform to begin with.

  1. Hey Jon, I read in your forums you were planning on including “my account” functionality in 1.05, as in logging in and viewing your orders etc. Did this make it in by any chance? Thanks

    March 26th   #

  2. Yes, this did make it in. Just neglected to mention it. I’ve updated the post to reflect that. Thanks for pointing that out.

    March 26th   #

  3. Hi Jon
    “Better support for different models of remote checkout processes”

    Does this include paypal standard?


    March 26th   #

  4. Excellent, this completes all of the features I need to launch my shop, so I will be using 1.05 to build! Good work guys looking forward to the full release.

    March 27th   #

  5. Thanks Jon

    March 27th   #

  6. Looks like some good stuff. I’m pushing for my company to implement Shopp to replace the pretty crummy excuse for a store I hacked together using raw WordPress and basic PayPal, but they’re not interested until the USPS Shipping Calculation module is available. I was hoping there might be some news on that in your 1.0.5 update, but no dice. Any chance you could give me a ballpark estimate for when you think it might be ready?

    March 27th   #

  7. That’s cool !

    I need functions “duplicate product” and “turn off thickbox”, and you have planet to includ them !

    Unfortunatly, I don’t see a way to show the product inventory (number in stock) into products pages…

    March 28th   #

  8. @anmari, I don’t know if you are referring specifically to the PayPal service, PayPal Website Payments Standard. If so, then no. It means improved support for creating new remote checkout systems in general, not any specific new gateway add-ons.

    March 29th   #

  9. Did a CSV bulk product import make it in?


    March 30th   #

  10. Unfortunately, no, it will not make it in 1.0.5. Its still on the todo list, though I’ve not officially scheduled it. I know it seems frustrating that its not available yet, but understand that the design plans I have for it really require writing an import engine – meaning something more than just scripted import, but rather something flexible and extensible enough that it will be much easier to develop other imports from other systems later. I’ve just gotten some good sample data (thanks Jonah!!) that gives me some input as to how to design the system to be flexible. Implementation will require a good chunk of focus. So I’d like to say 1.0.6, but I’m not promising it quite yet.

    March 30th   #

  11. So, when shopp 1.0.5 will be available ?

    April 1st   #

  12. Any news on the 1.05 Release?

    April 8th   #

  13. For the love of all things holy, please release it. 🙂

    April 9th   #

  14. Any update on the release date?

    April 14th   #

  15. We’re very close. Some late changes were necessary before release and that has caused a delay as those changes need to be tested thoroughly before release. So we’re still tidying up loose ends to make it as flawless as possible.

    April 14th   #

  16. Sounds good. That category bug has basically held us down since we bought Shopp and it’d be nice to get our business up and running finally.

    April 14th   #

  17. Bank transfer and cash-on-delivery/pay-on-delivery are urgent. Without that, Shopp is unusable in a lot of countries. Much more critical than manual credit card processing, I believe. You have to focus on small payment processing costs – is it more probable a seller who is able to pay a monthly fee for credit card processing to use a budget system or a small seller trying to cut back on payment processing costs?

    April 17th   #

  18. Well Jon, tomorrow is my birthday so if you can release 1.05 tomorrow it would be an awesome birthday present. Thanks!

    April 19th   #


    Happy Birthday Trent!

    April 19th   #

  20. Chill guys, I believe no one want’s to release 1.0.5 more than him 😉

    A great load of goodies in that release!
    Gratz Trent!

    April 20th   #

  21. Once this version is out, I’m definitely gonna get me a Developers license 🙂

    April 21st   #

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