US Sales Tax Service with the TaxCloud Plugin for Shopp

The dev team has been cooking up some magic in a couple of new integrations we’re bringing to the Shopp community. Today we’re launching an integration plugin (a WordPress plugin, not a Shopp add-on) for the online service, TaxCloud™. You can grab the TaxCloud plugin for Shopp from the Shopp Store for $50 and sign-up to TaxCloud for free!

Taxes Suck

Taxes are a drag on everything. It’s a reality of running online retail storefronts, and especially retail storefronts in the US. Taxes in the US are anything but streamlined. Some states charge a state tax rate plus local taxes which can include county and even municipal taxes. Even then, municipal taxes in large metros can be splintered into local jursidications, each with different rates. Operating an online business out of one of those states makes it challenging to keep all the tax rates up-to-date. Add to that operating out of multiple states, and that tax challenge becomes exponentially difficult. Consider operating out of just one state with 100+ tax jurisdictions, each perioudically changing their rates. Who can keep up with it all? Slowly things are showing signs of improving.

In late 1999 the National Governor’s Association (NGA) and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) created the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement. It was designed to create an alignment between the state sales tax codes to make it easier for merchants operating in multiple states. As a result of more retailers being able to manage tax collection, sales tax revenues for the states increase as well. The big deal in this agreement is that it also levels the playing field so that online retailers and local brick-and-mortar storefronts run under the same rules to keep a fair and competitive marketplace.


Enter TaxCloud, an online sales tax calculation and tax payment service. It was developed by the Federal Tax Authority (, a Certified Service Provider (CSP) of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board. Being certified by the board means TaxCloud meets the tough standards for accurately calculating sales tax.

Using TaxCloud’s service, merchants can calculate sales tax for around 13,000 tax jurisdictions. They continuously monitor changes to state and local tax codes and rates, automatically updating their service to charge the correct tax every time, no extra effort on your part.

As if not keeping up with 13,000 tax codes and tax rates alone isn’t a good enough deal, the TaxCloud service has no set-up fees, no transaction fees, no monthly service fees… nothing. It’s a free service! TaxCloud gets paid from the states participating in the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement because the states recognize it’s in their interest for merchants to be able to collect taxes efficiently and accurately. Since TaxCloud is built on extremely cost-efficient and scalable web infrastructure, they can offer the service to merchants at no cost.

TaxCloud for Shopp

Getting TaxCloud on your Shopp-powered WordPress e-commerce site is pretty simple. First you’ll need to signup for a TaxCloud account:

Sign-up for TaxCloud

Then you’ll need the integration plugin that allows Shopp to talk to TaxCloud. You can buy the TaxCloud plugin from the Shopp Store for $50. Download and install the plugin into WordPress.

View Plugin

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