American Made Gear for the Road Less Traveled

We have two core product groups – the packs we build, and t-shirts. Both are unique in construction, and selling online has allowed us to move forward with low-to-no inventory while the business has been built.

T-shirts especially are key – because we carry no inventory, and use a customization model on our products. The buyer selects size, cut, style, color, graphic positioning and (in some cases) graphic color. Because this is so challenging (and resource intensive) for traditional categorical listing, everything is managed using Shopp and add-ons. A few minor code tweaks changes the messages to make the experience feel real for the buyer – and the result is a much easier to maintain system for shopping.

Bag wise, this same model easily lets the shopper select color, and a variety of other add-on hardware (and other pouches) with relative ease. Overall, this has been a very nice compliment to our store.

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