WordPress 2.9 Compatible

Shopp is fully compatible with WordPress 2.9 with no known issues reported. We’ve been testing Shopp with pre-release versions of WordPress 2.9 since before the beta releases were made available. By all means, feel free to update and enjoy the new goodies and bug fixes the WordPress developers have been working on.

Shopp 1.0.18 Beta

We are busy preparing the 1.0.18 release and have delivered the first beta to our beta testing team. In contrast to our previous releases, we’ll be baking this one a little longer to ensure the larger fixes are working across the entire system. There isn’t a definite release timeline for 1.0.18, but we’ll have an announcement related to the official release date sometime after the new year.

Holiday Support Availablility

The Shopp Support team will not be available during the Christmas holiday weekend starting on Christmas Eve from December 24th — December 27th and on New Year’s weekend starting on New Year’s Day from January 1st, 2010 — January 3rd, 2010.

WordCamp Boston

WordCamp Boston 2010
Shopp is proud to sponsor another great WordPress community event, WordCamp Boston 2010. WordCamp Boston will be held January 23, 2010 at the Microsoft NERD Center. The event includes sessions for novices through advanced WordPress presented by popular personalities in the WordPress community as well as talent local to the Boston area. Jonathan Davis will be attending and providing a 20-minute presentation on a sample of Shopp case studies to showcase what is possible with Shopp & WordPress. If you’re planning to attend, leave a comment below to let us know so we can meetup and hear firsthand your experiences with Shopp!

  1. Hello, I like the way shopp works. I am not sure we have the shopp integrated into our website correctly. Could you please check our site and give us any helpful hints.. We also would like to use shopp for another website that we will be selling items on as well. Do you know of any wordpress blog templates that work exceptionally well with shopp…..
    Any help would be greatly appreciated..

    The team at
    Early American Floorcloths / EAFC Home Living

    December 22nd   #

  2. One issue found:
    canonical url is incorrect

    December 22nd   #

  3. @Dennis: It’s hard to know what you mean by “integrated into our website correctly”. If it works the way you want and expect it to, then it is integrated correctly. There isn’t really any right or wrong way unless it’s not doing what you want or more importantly, doesn’t get your customers to place orders.

    @James, there is an issue with Shopp’s canonical URL output not honoring the correct permalink structure. However, this exists regardless of using WordPress 2.9 or 2.8. It will be corrected in Shopp 1.0.18.

    December 22nd   #

  4. I need to process credit cards by using the terminal in my store front. Can I collect credit card information with 1.0.18 without processing the transaction online?

    December 24th   #

  5. This is “manual transaction processing” and it is currently not supported in Shopp. We do have plans to include it in the future, but it is behind some pretty big engineering changes, so I can’t give you a good idea of when it will be available.

    December 24th   #

  6. Hi,

    Shop looks great! And when you integrate affiliate products, it will be exactly what I need. I read in the support forums that it will be part of version 1.1. When is that due?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Jeroen Büchli

    January 15th   #

  7. I tried a few others before this one, and overall the product is great!!! The support is there behind this software unlike another plugin that get more publicity. Well done guys!

    • There are bugs with IE6 as the css uses an incompatible “position:relative” setting (I found that “position:absolute” worked for me) and sorted out the image issues
    • the google base product feeder doesn’t work by default. Compulsory fields are missing. I found a potential fix at http://www.seodenver.com/add-store-sitemap-shopp-plugin/ but am still testing
    • I’m still have a bug with using multiple variations (more than 1) in IE7 and Firefox but its okay on IE6. For some reason, the last option is always greyed out
    • The google checkout image that is pulled through is http, and therefore having secured my cart with SSL, it says that there is a unsecure item which is doesn’t instill the customer confidence I was hoping for.

    It would be really cool if the sidebar widget showed the Google checkout or Paypal graphics on the front page, just to show-off the cart feature and make it obvious.

    Keep up the good work!


    January 22nd   #

  8. Is there a plan to add the ability to use Coupons for discounts and add Adsense?

    February 19th   #

  9. Amazing Plugin we’re looking to use it on a Multi-User WordPress 3 site as soon as we can now that we’ve bought the developer key. We’ve tried another “well known” e-commerce plugin and feel that Shopp will be the replacement we need moving forward for some of our other sites and also provides a stable and coherent platform to develop on in the future.

    Keep up the good work and we’ll get more involved in the community as time goes by.

    March 24th   #

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