WordPress E-commerce and SSL Certificates

Security and trust are always among the highest priorities for e-commerce sites. A WordPress e-commerce site is no different. Of course, if you’re using a remote payment system like PayPal Standard your bases are covered – at least if you’re not collecting any other sensitive information. But if you’re after total control of the buying experience, onsite checkout is the way to go and that means you’re going to need an SSL certificate.

We’re pleased to announce that Ingenesis Limited is now selling SSL certificates signed by the SecureTrust Certificate Authority managed by Trustwave.

We offer three types of certificates: Verified Domain, Premium and Extended Validation:

Verified Domain

The Verified Domain SSL certificate is low-cost starter certificate that covers most business needs including 256-bit encryption and a $10,000 identity warranty.


The Premium SSL certificate also supports 256-bit encryption and a $100,000 identity warranty. It also takes identity verification further by looking at public records to verify the legitimacy of the applying organization. In other words, it provides more assurance to customers that the website is run by a trustworthy organization. In general it means the more trust, the more sales.

Extended Validation

This is the luxury SSL certificate. It can take up to 2 weeks to complete the verification process. It is the most extensive identity verification process in the industry requiring domain ownership validation, verification of a physical office location, and verification of public and government business records. What does all this work buy you? The “green” browser bar that shows your organization information in the location bar of the web browser. It gives your website the highest level of buyer confidence and business credibility possible in a certificate product. It’s not cheap by any means, but it can pay huge dividends for large organizations or sites looking to solidify their credibility online.

You can buy any of these certificate service products on the Shopp Store right now.

About the Certificate Authority

There are of course SSL certificate vendors aplenty. We specifically selected Trustwave SSL certificates because of their organization’s commitment to security and principle of trust. Trustwave was recently embroiled in controversy. The juicy details are technical but the gist of it is they issued a special type of certificate that would allow spying on encrypted information. Trustwave admitted to it, and vowed to never do it again.

Why is this something to be proud of? Because the other guys do it too, but won’t fess up that it’s actually a common practice in the industry. Trustwave’s actions demonstrate honesty and integrity. What better authority for a chain of trust? Just what our customers need when buying a certificate signed by a reputable certificate signing authority.


Each of the certificates also include the Trustwave “Trusted Commerce” Seal. It’s a trustmark (like trademark, but for brand trust) also called a “site seal”. The trustmark isn’t entirely a mainstream concept yet even though its been employed for years. I remember TRUSTe from the 90s, but I digress. Most new to the e-commerce game aren’t readily familiar with the idea.

A trustmark is a badge (an image) that you place on your website, hopefully somewhere it is easily seen by shoppers. It is designed to improve buyer confidence in the website by showing a third-party seal that vouches for the website in some way. In the case of certificate issuers, it is a mark of trusted identity.

Some site seals are just the image, some include a link back to the trustmark provider with a “certified record” about your website and some may be dynamic seals like a security seal. You’ll see we use the McAfee SECURE trustmark which includes a daily vulnerability scan that scans our website for PCI compliance, security vulnerabilities and malware.

Using a trustmark is another tool to boost buyer confidence. It’s not a silver bullet, but it can improve conversions.

Easy Setup

We’ve made the SSL setup process as easy as it can be. The most difficult part, as is always the case is generating your Certificate Signing Request. Once you’ve got that, you’re ready to setup your SSL certificate. We’ve got a comprehensive guide to help get you started and if you get really stuck, we can put you in touch with the experts as Trustwave to get you up and going as quickly as possible.

It’s an ideal solution for those looking to do e-commerce right from the start. You can buy Shopp or any of the payment processing add-ons you might need and your SSL certificate from the same place.

If you have any questions about our SSL certificates, ask away here in the comments, or head over to the Help Desk to ask our team privately.

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