Shopp 1.1

What’s new in Shopp 1.1.

Admin Interfaces

  • Subtle UI improvements have been made through the Shopp admin, including a fix to the Shopp menu behavior collapsing when in the editors.
  • The order management interface just got a whole lot nicer with a customizable layout, more detailed information, support for private notes and hooks for adding custom UI for custom order data.
  • The auto-update system has been replaced with a more seamless plugin update experience that includes better notification of new releases and a more reliable update process.

Checkout Improvements

  • Tax will no longer be auto-calculated on the base of operations when no shipping location is available.
  • A new “thank you” page (and template) ends the transaction experience. It wraps around the order receipt to provide an opportunity for further instructions based on the order. This is especially important in new situations where the order may be created without the payment being completed.
  • A printer-friendly stylesheet has been added to isolate receipts when a page with a receipt is printed.
  • Improved the checkout form validator with overridable filter hooks for every single requirement check.

Asset Storage Engines

The asset system encompasses how Shopp handles product multimedia assets such as images and product downloads. In 1.1 it has been completely rebuilt.

  • Built on top of modular storage engine system for ultimate scalability. This allows for pluggable storage engines to be developed for other third-party cloud or private storage systems.
  • Created database and file system storage in the core.
  • Developed an Amazon S3 storage engine for add-on.

New Imaging System

  • A completely re-invented approach to handling product images.
  • A new image server bypasses the WordPress overhead to deliver Shopp-images as fast as possible with as little resources as possible.
  • Ditched the image size types and moved to a completely on-the-fly image resizing approach with cache support.
  • Images can take full advantage of the new asset storage engines


  • The promotion editor interface has been improved to clarify how to use it
  • Added the ability to assign promotional discounts directly to specific items in the cart as opposed to discounts to the entire cart as we had previously
  • Added new properties for matching against

Catalog Improvements

  • We’ve added built-in support for rendering a category slideshow via the shopp(‘category’,’slideshow’) tag.
  • And the shopp(‘category’,’carousel’) tag renders a new infinite scrolling product slider element.
  • Switched modal image viewer from Thickbox to the more modern Colorbox.
  • Improved the search engine to include all extended product information (tags, categories, spec details, etc.), keyword stemming, best bet matching and price matching.


  • A ground-up approach to payment gateways provides a more stable, flexible, and less complex development framework for creating new gateways.
  • Every gateway has been rewritten for the new approach (that’s still a lot of work by the way).
  • Added a new Offline Payment gateway to be included in the core for handling payments like bank transfers and cash-on-delivery.
  • Designed an innovative approach for a Manual Processing gateway add-on that provides completely secure yet seamless access to sensitive payment information.
  • Added SagePay payment gateway for onsite checkout as an add-on option with more in the works that will be announced later.
  • Improved PayPal Standard with secure PDT support on top of existing IPN support.


  • Refactored the shipping calculation system.
  • Added third-party service branding for better recognition in the admin.
  • Completed a ShipWire add-on that implements all of the ShipWire APIs (we’re still looking for willing beta testers for this in case you’re interested).

Geeky Under-the-hood Details

  • New setting interface rendering library to consolidate the setting behaviors for the gateway, shipping and storage modules to a uniform library – less complexity and faster loads trading off a little flexibility.
  • Transitioned code to utilize new utilities available in WordPress 2.8.
  • Totally new application flow control subsystems to better facilitate and organize object-to-object communication.
  • Implemented WordPress roles and capabilities specific to Shopp
  • Added tons of inline documentation to the code utilizing the PHPDoc format that can be helpful both in learning the platform and writing Shopp code helpers in IDEs.
  • Switch Shopp to utilize wp_mail() for sending email (provides enhanced compatibility with more server platforms and other plugins)
  • New configurable macros to tweak low-level functionality.
  • New Customer tags (has-account, wpuser-created).
  • New Purchase tags (txnid, hasdownloads, paid, notpaid, payment).
  • Shopp templates are automagically translated into active language during theme template install process.
  • Normalized file system paths for better multi-platform behavior (such as IIS compatibility).

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