Shopp 1.2

What’s new in Shopp 1.2.

WordPress Integration

  • Migrated Shopp catalog data to use WordPress custom post types and custom taxonomies
  • Added Recent Shoppers widget that displays partial names of recent shoppers to improve shopper confidence
  • Replaced WordPress shortcode pages for core Shopp content display to use new virtual Shopp pages
  • Enhanced integration by utilizing more WordPress API functions
  • Added support for WordPress Menus to Shopp content including Shopp virtual pages and smart product collections
  • Improved permalink handling for better canonical URLs and SEO
  • Included support for custom Shopp-specific taxonomies for products
  • Support for product comments by using custom post types for products
  • Improved compatibility with WordPress post/page related plugins such as SEO plugins


  • Re-engineered the shopp() Theme API template tags to use a new, completely extensible system that allows developers full control
  • Added nearly 400 functions for a comprehensive, protected Developer API toolkit

Admin Interfaces

  • New Shopp menu uses three main menus: Shopp, Catalog & Setup
  • Added Shopp menus for the WP admin bar
  • The product manager includes several new views
  • New sales tag graphic highlights products that are on sale
  • Progressive enhancement added to nearly every component of the Shopp settings pages to ensure that settings can still be set properly with or without JavaScript

Checkout Improvements

  • Shipping and taxes will be calculated on the base of operations country when no shipping location has been provided.
  • Shopp now supports 230+ countries
  • Guest checkout is fully supported
  • Use Same shipping address or Same billing address toggle during checkout
  • Improved error messages to clarify issues and resolution options
  • Added support for click-wrap agreements using the Theme API


  • Added the ability to create new customers
  • Added the ability to custom link customers to WordPress users when using the Shopp customers integrated with WordPress users setting

Catalog Improvements

  • Improved the reliability of the image and javascript server scripts
  • Added new smart collections including:

    • Recently Viewed to show the last 25 recently viewed products
    • Also Bought using a sophisticated relationship algorithm to match products other customers have purchased
    • Promo Products collection system that builds new smart product collections for the products that each catalog promotion applies to
  • Speed optimizations including WordPress cache support and a redesigned product collection query engine for 900x faster queries and scalability up to hundreds of thousands to a million product catalog
  • Theme template support for building Shopp-specific theme template files for Shopp virtual pages and specific Shopp content pages such as product collections, categories and product pages
  • New account dashboard architecture makes it easier to add custom account pages
  • Image processing supports specifying transparent backgrounds and even automatic color averaged backgrounds

Order Management

  • Added an order event system to improve communication between Shopp and payment gateways while adding double-entry accounting transactions and logging other important order events (such as fraud review, shipments and downloads)
  • Added support for authorization-only transactions with delayed capture for proper retail order processing (when using payment systems that support it)
  • Added support for refunds and cancellations (when using payment systems that support them)
  • Added shipment notices that include tracking number status URLs

Notification Emails

  • New notification emails can be sent during every order event in the system using properly named email templates
  • Added new email templates for generic order notifications and merchant-specific order notifications
  • Added new email template processing for better email client compatibility to convert email stylesheets to inline styles and a custom plain text alternative rendering engine to automatically generate plain text alternatives to HTML email layouts


  • Added support for subscriptions to PayPal Standard
  • Refactored payment gateways to include support for the new Shopp 1.2 order event system


  • Redesigned the shipping calculators for flexible destination settings
  • Added support for fallback shipping methods that are used when a real-time shipping rate system fails
  • Added zip/postal code masking, ranges and list support to destination settings for shipping methods

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