Shopp 1.3

What’s new in Shopp 1.3.


  • Added report system with charts, scoreboards, data tables and exporting
  • Support for filtering reports by date ranges
  • Support for changing the scale of reports by hour, by day, by week or by month
  • Added Sales report
  • Added Tax report
  • Added Shipping report
  • Added Discounts report
  • Added Customers report
  • Added Locations report
  • Added Products report
  • Added Inventory report

WordPress Integration

  • Improved dynamic storefront pages integration and compatibility with third-party plugins
  • Added support to set the Shopp catalog page as the WordPress page on front (homepage)
  • Updated Help tabs with complete coverage for every Shopp admin screen
  • Streamlined WordPress admin menus for Shopp down to Shopp & Catalog
  • Added tabbed navigation to Setup and System screens
  • Added vector graphics support for high resolution displays and WP 3.8
  • Shopp Promotions have been renamed to Discounts
  • Added custom pagination settings to the product and category managers
  • Fixed order printing in IE

Checkout Improvements

  • Redesigned ordering system components including the shopping cart, shipping rates, taxes, payment handler and discount sub-systems
  • PayPal Standard will now create orders before sending customers to PayPal for payment
  • Improved customer registration handlers save customer registration information so that logins can be securely created later (for eCheck payments)
  • Form field labels in the default templates now appear above the input rather than below to follow usability conventions
  • Streamlined the payment card fields to remove the largely unnecessary card holder field from the default templates
  • Changed the payment card expiration inputs to menus that follow the standard payment card expriation date format
  • Changed the session lifetime default to 2 days instead of 3 hours
  • Added session stashing to save abandoned sessions for up to 2 weeks

Catalog Improvements

  • Added support to Shopp default starter templates
  • Added WordPress Embeds & oEmbed
  • Added vector graphics where possible using a custom icon font for Shopp
  • Added vector art for most payment methods
  • Added store maintenance mode setting
  • Updated the category carousel and product modal zoom with vector UI elements
  • Redsigned the default modal zoom for products
  • Improved the storefront CSS to be more developer friendly
  • Enhanced support for translation plugins

Order Management

  • Edit customer details and reassign orders to different customers in the Order Manager
  • Product thumnails are included when viewing an order in the Order Manager


  • Consolidated currency and amount handling into the gateway framework


  • Added support for compound tax rates
  • Redesigned inclusive tax support

Performance Improvements

  • Implemented PHP auto-loading to improve memory management
  • Fixed slow dashboard queries
  • Added strategic use of transients where applicable
  • Improved image server reliability and added direct URL image downloads where possible

Developer Enhancements

  • Added Recalcualte Product Summaries tool
  • Added support for wp-content/shopp-addons/ directory to protect custom and installed add-ons from core plugin updates
  • Added shopp_metabox_before_{id} and shopp_metabox_after_{id} to all Shopp meta boxes
  • Added a Developer API for Admin calls to register menus, submenus and tabs
  • Added about 90 new filter and action hooks
  • Added about 20 new Theme API calls
  • Added about 40 new Developer API functions

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