Download Restrictions

Product Downloads settingsRestrictions can be set to limit the access of downloads that have been purchased. Product download preferences can be set from the WordPress admin under the Shopp menus in SetupPreferences.

  • Download Limit
    The download limit allows you to restrict the number of downloads of a purchased product. By default, an unlimited number of downloads are allowed.
  • Time Limit
    The time limit setting provides access to a purchased product download for a limited amount of time starting from when the payment was received.
  • IP Restriction
    This can allow restricting access to the computer the download was bought from. However, as IP addresses are sometimes randomly assigned, and can easily be cloaked, this option has limited usefulness for most cases.
  • Download Quantity
    This setting prevents a quantity selection of digital goods. It is a useful setting when you prefer to prevent the possibility of buying the same digital good more than once in an order.

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