Purchased Downloads

When customers buy a download, a download link is generated and included in the order receipt. The download link is generated at the time of purchase and protects the actual location of the file. Until the payment is fully processed to where the funds are captured from the customer’s bank, the download link will not allow the download to occur and will give anyone attempting to use the link an error message stating that payment has not been received.

Additionally, downloads can be protected by using account logins in Shopp. Using either Shopp accounts or Shopp accounts integrated with WordPress Users for the Account System setting will require that the customer login to their account before they can download the files. If someone tries to use the download link without being logged in to the account associated with the purchase, they will receive an error message:

You must login to download purchases.

Downloads are also protected by the transaction status of the order. If there is any unpaid balance on the order, in other words the customer owes money to you, attempting to access the download will prevent access to the file and display an error message:

"filename.zip" cannot be downloaded because payment has not been received yet.

Download Locker

When Shopp is setup to use an account system, logins will direct customers to their account dashboard. The account menu will have a link to Downloads where customers can get access to all of their purchased downloads.

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