Braintree is a US-based payment gateway that makes it easy to accept credit cards on the web. The Braintree add-on for Shopp connects to the Braintree payment system for affordable, secure transactions and gives your customers a seamless onsite checkout experience.

Getting Started

Get Started with Braintree. It’s simple!

Braintree Account Setup

  • Get Started with Braintree
  • Enter a contact name and company, a valid Email, and select Business Contact as a role for your account.
  • Click the Let’s go! button.

Web Hosting Setup

Since the Brantree addon for Shopp uses an onsite checkout process, sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) will be entered on your website. In order to protect your customer’s information, your website’s hosting service will need to have SSL Setup|setup to support SSL. Setting up SSL will require an SSL certificate for your website. You can buy SSL certificates from the Shopp Store.


  • Uncompress the add-on files
  • Upload the folder (directory) and all its contents to your Shopp add-ons folder (directory) under: .../wp-content/shopp-addons

The Sandbox and Going Live

When you create an account with Braintree, you will be setup with immediate access to their sandbox environment. While your account is using the sandbox, you’ll need to turn on the Enable test mode setting in the Braintree settings in Shopp.

To go live, login to your Braintree account and click the green Apply button. To complete the application process for your Braintree merchant account, you’ll need:

  • About 10 minutes to complete the application.
  • A voided check scanned or photo from your US business checkout account.
  • Card processing statements if you are currently processing cards you need a scanned or electronic copy of the last 3 months of credit processing statements.


To setup Shopp to use Braintree, login to your website’s WordPress admin and navigate to ShoppSetupPayments.

  • Payment Gateway
    Select Braintree from the Payment Gateway menu and click the Add Payment Option button.
  • Option Name
    Enter a custom label for the payment option as you would like it to appear on your store front (such as Credit Card)
  • Supported Cards
    Select the payment cards your site will accept for processing
  • Braintree Merchant ID
    Login to your Braintree account to find your Merchant ID. Copy and paste it into your Shopp settings for Braintree.
  • Braintree Public Key
    Login to your Braintree account to find your Public Key. Copy and paste it into your Shopp settings for Braintree.
  • Braintree Private Key
    Login to your Braintree account to find your Private Key. Copy and paste it into your Shopp settings for Braintree.
  • Enable test mode
    Your account will initially be setup to use the Braintree sandbox for testing. Until your merchant account application and setup is complete, this setting will need to remain enabled. Once your merchant account is ready, you will be approved for live payments. You can then enable this setting to use the sandbox, or leave it disabled to process live payments and move real money between accounts.

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