Coinbase is an international digital wallet that allows you to securely buy, use, and accept bitcoin currency.

You can use the Coinbase payment add-on for Shopp to connect with your Coinbase account and start taking bitcoin payments in minutes.

The way it works:

  1. At checkout your customer is redirected to a payment page on Coinbase
  2. Customers can pay with bitcoins in their Coinbase account or by sending bitcoins to a payment address linked to your Coinbase account
  3. Payments must be confirmed and the customer is given a link to return to your site.

Coinbase Account Setup

Setup SSL

HTTPS (SSL/TLS) is not required for processing transactions, but is required for the setup process of Coinbase.

Coinbase uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate your website to use your Coinbase account. The OAuth 2.0 protocol requires your website to run over HTTPS connections (SSL/TLS) in order to securely connect your Coinbase account with the Coinbase add-on for Shopp.

It is possible to use a self-signed certificate so that you do not need to purchase a signed SSL certificate. For more information, see the SSL Setup & Certificates documentation. The exact steps to setup a self-signed SSL certificate can be found by searching for “self-signed certificate” instructions on the web.

It is still recommended that you secure your site with a valid, signed SSL certificate. See the Shopp Store for SSL certificates signed by Trustwave.


  • Uncompress the add-on files
  • Upload the folder (directory) and all its contents to your Shopp add-ons folder (directory) under: .../wp-content/shopp-addons/


To setup Shopp to use Coinbase, login to your WordPress Admin and navigate to ShoppSystemPayments.

From the Payments screen, select Coinbase from the Add a payment system… drop-down menu.

Option Name: If your store offers multiple payment options, this setting will change the label of the option.

Coinbase Settings

Click the Create a new Coinbase application to launch a new browser window (or tab) for creating an authorized app on Coinbase. You will need to sign in first.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 11.17.12

Once signed in, enter a Name for your storefront website (it can be any label you want to identify your connected website).

Return to the Payments screen window (or tab) and copy the Redirect URI to the Redirect uri field on the Coinbase Create a New Oauth2 Application screen.

Coinbase App Instructions

On the OAuth2 Application: Install Instructions screen, copy the Client Id and Client Secret to your Shopp Payments screen settings in the appropriate fields and click the Save button in Shopp.

Coinbase Authorize

You will be directed to Coinbase and asked to Authorize or Deny. Click the Authorize button to authorize your website access to your Coinbase account.

Setup Complete

You will see Setup Complete when your website has successfully connected to your Coinbase account.

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