Dwolla is a unique payment method for transmitting money directly from one US bank account to another, without the huge fees and hassles of handling “plastic”.

The way it works:

  1. At checkout your customer is redirected to authorize your site application.
  2. After authorizing your site, the customer comes back to your site and provide their pin.
  3. Funds are sent from your customer to you!

It’s that simple.

You may be interested to know that Dwolla only charges merchants a flat $0.25 per transaction, period.

Dwolla Account Setup

Create A Dwolla Application

Recommended Settings

  • Application Name: this should reflect the name of your business or your e-commerce website. For instance, “Vader’s Death Star Emporium”, or “lightsabers.com”.
  • Application Website: the website address of your store, such as “http://chockfullofewoks.com”.
  • OAuth Callback URL: Leave it blank, Shopp’s Dwolla module will take care of this. Isn’t that special?
  • Payment Callback URL: Leave it blank, it’s not necessary.
  • Payment Redirect URL: Leave it blank also; Wow, this is easy.
  • Reason for Application: Perhaps, “Because if you don’t approve my application, how will I sell stuff on my website? And if I don’t sell stuff, how will Dwolla make money off all the transactions?”

  • After creating the application, you’ll need to grab the Key and Secret from your applications page. You’ll need this when setting up Dwolla as a payment option in the Shopp admin.

  • You’ll need to wait for the application to be approved before you can begin using the Dwolla application on your Shopp site. If there is a little green check mark next to your Dwolla application, you’re good to go.

Web Hosting Setup

Your website needs SSL Setup & Certificates. Here’s why: Although you aren’t submitting a credit card payment, you are submitting your customer’s sensitive Customer PIN over the network. This isn’t the sort of information your customer would want others to know.


  • Uncompress the add-on files
  • Upload the folder (directory) and all its contents to your Shopp add-ons folder (directory) under: .../wp-content/shopp-addons


To setup Shopp to use Dwolla, in your WordPress Admin navigate to ShoppSetupPayments. From the Payment Settings page, select Dwolla from the drop-down menu labeled Add a payment system….

  • Option Name: If you will have multiple payment options on your checkout page, this name will be displayed to your customers to identify the Dwolla payment method.
  • Dwolla Account Id: This is your Dwolla account Id (in the form 812-111-1111) that you can get by logging into your Dwolla account.
  • Dwolla Application Key: If you created your Dwolla application in the Account Setup section above, you can obtain the application key from your registered application on the Dwolla site.
  • Dwolla Application Secret: Just like the Application Key, you’ll also need to obtain the application secret from your registered application on the Dwolla site.
  • Test communication with Dwolla: If you aren’t quite ready to run live transactions through Dwolla, and want to run a communications test with Dwolla, check this box. Checking out with this option will always succeed in creating a test order.
  • Generate testing transaction errors: If you are testing communication with Dwolla, you can also force the module to generate errors, so you can see what an error might look like on the checkout page for your customers.

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