The First Data add-on for Shopp integrates with the First Data Global Gateway e4 API. First Data is a worldwide payment processing service provider that sells a range of merchant solutions to many countries all around the world.

Global Gateway e4

The Global Gateway e4 integration add-on replaces the old First Data add-on for Shopp. It no longer requires special ports or the PEM certificate file making it far easier for merchants to setup. If you are a Shopp customer that purchased access to the First Data add-on released prior to the new Global Gateway e4 version, you can login to your Shopp Store Account and select the Downloads menu from your account. Your First Data download has automatically been updated to the new Global Gateway e4 capaable add-on.


  • Uncompress the add-on files
  • Upload the folder (directory) and all its contents to your Shopp add-ons folder (directory) under: .../wp-content/shopp-addons

First Data Account Setup

You will need to contact First Data directly to apply for your First Data Global Gateway account.

Global Gateway e4 API Setup

  • Login to your First Data Global Gateway e4 account.
  • From the main navigation click the Administration tab
  • In the main Administration screen, click the Terminals tab on the left (under the First Data logo)
  • Select the terminal that includes ECOMM by clicking on it.
  • In ther terminals manager, make note of your Gateway ID for use in your Shopp settings.
  • Click the API Access from the terminal manager navigation.
  • Click the Generate New Key link to get a new Hmac key
  • Copy the Key id, a 3-5 digit number and the newly created Hmac key for use in your Shopp settings.

Web Hosting Setup

Since the First Data payment gateway for Shopp uses a local checkout process, sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) may be entered on your website. In order to protect your customer’s information your website’s hosting service will need to be SSL Setup|setup to support SSL.


When you setup your account, you will receive a ten-digit store number and a six-digit user id.
To setup Shopp to use First Data, in your WordPress admin navigate to ShoppSettingsPayments.

  • Payment Gateway
    Select First Data from the Payment Gateway menu.
  • First Data Gateway ID
    Enter your Gateway ID that follows a format similar to AB0123-01.
  • First Data Gateway ID
    Enter your First Data Global Gateway e4 account password.
  • First Data API Acces Key ID
    Enter the First Data API access key ID, typically a 3-5 digit number.
  • First Data API Acces HMAC Key
    Enter the First Data API HMAC key, a 32-character long mix of letters and numbers. See the Global Gateway e4 API Setup instructions above for details on how to create an HMAC key.
  • Enable test mode
    By toggling on this setting, you will be able to run test transactions using First Data without any money changing hands or accounts being debited. This will allow you to test that your setup is working correctly before going live. Test transactions will appear in your Shopp order management screen as a regular order. You may simply disregard or delete any test orders you create.
  1. In updating to the new FirstData Gateway Add-on, I discovered that FirstData requires that port 1129 be open in both directions. It was previously NOT this way… so this upgrade is requiring us to move gateways or to move hosting.

    This has caused a bunch of problems for one of my clients, so I thought it would be useful to post it here –

    BEFORE YOU UPGRADE, check to make sure that your hosting provider allows for port 1129 to be open in BOTH directions (FWIW, GoDaddy does not allow for this at all. Hostgator Business shared hosting does not allow for this, but their VPS does).

    April 19th   #

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