Intuit Merchant Service for QuickBooks

The Intuit Merchant Service for QuickBooks module integrates Shopp to accept Intuit Payments on your Shopp storefront.

Signup for an Intuit Merchant Service for QuickBooks account

Navigate to to create a new Merchant Service account for Quickbooks.

From the Intuit Payments FAQ:

What will I need to apply?

You will need the following information about your business:
Business information (tax ID, physical business mailing address)
Owner/principal information (contact and identifying information)
Bank account information (bank account information, funding information)
Estimated credit card sales and existing credit card processing information (if applicable)

How do I apply for an Intuit Merchant Service account?
The application is easy to complete and submit. The application process takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

How long does the application-approval process take and what are the steps?

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by our credit underwriting department. In most cases, you will receive a decision on your application within two business days (often quicker). We will contact you via e-mail with a decision. Occasionally, a business will be asked to supply additional information in order for us to arrive at a decision. After receipt of any additionally requested information, you will be notified of a decision within one to five additional business days.

Upon application approval, your new merchant account must be activated at the bank and throughout the credit card processing network. This takes up to two more business days. You will receive another e-mail notifying you when your account has been activated. Once your account has been activated, you can start processing credit cards in QuickBooks.


  • Uncompress the add-on files
  • Upload the folder (directory) and all its contents to your Shopp add-ons folder (directory) under: .../wp-content/shopp-addons


When your Intuit Merchant Service account and application is successfully set up, you will have obtained an Application Login and a Connection Ticket; See Obtaining Your Application Credentials below. To setup Shopp to use the Intuit Merchant Service, in your WordPress admin navigate to ShoppSetupPayments.

  • Payment Gateway
    Select Intuit Merchant Service from the Payment Gateway menu.
  • Application Login
    Enter your Intuit Merchant Service Application Login provided by Intuit Merchant Service when your application was setup. You can find your Application Login by logging into your Intuit Merchant Service account, Under Account, Click on Settings. Under Security Settings, Click API Application Login and Transaction Key
  • Connection Ticket
    Enter your Intuit Merchant Service Connection Ticket also provided when your application was setup.
  • Enable test mode
    By toggling on this setting, you will be able to run test transactions using Intuit Merchant Service without any money changing hands or accounts being debited. This will allow you to test that your setup is working correctly before going live. Test transactions will appear in your Shopp order management screen as a regular order. You may simply disregard or delete any test orders you create.

SSL Requirement

Because the Intuit Merchant Service module for Shopp accepts credit cards on your site, your site must be secured with an SSL Certificate. See SSL Setup & Certificates.

Obtaining Your Application Credentials

  1. Register with the Intuit Developer Network
  2. Create an Application for your site
  3. Get a Connection Ticket for your application

IDN Registration

Navigate to IDN registration to register.

Register an Application

  1. Navigate to IDN Online Application Registration.
  2. Click the Add button to create a new application.
  3. Enter your website hostname in the Domain Name field.
  4. Enter an application name, such as “shopp”, in the App Name field.
  5. As you complete the Domain Name and App Name fields, the App Login (Application Login) will be revealed. Take note of this Login for your Shopp settings. Example: If the Domain Name is “”, and the App Name is “shopp”, the AppLogin is “”.
  6. Enter a description of your site, such as your blog tagline (From your WordPress General Settings).
  7. Enter your technical contact email address. Your verification code will be sent to this address.
  8. For the Target Application, select QBMS.
  9. For the Environment, select Production for a live account, or IDNBeta (ptc) for a test account.
  10. Important: For the Application Type, select desktop.
  11. Click the Save button to create the application.
  12. Check your email (the technical contact email). You will be prompted for a verification code, which will be emailed to this address. Enter the code in the field provided, and click Verify

After verifying the application, take note of the AppID number, as you will need this number to generate your Connection Ticket in the following step.

Connection Ticket

To create a connection ticket for your production application, navigate to, replacing YourAppID with the AppID you obtained when you registered your application.

To create a connection ticket for your testing application, navigate to, replacing YourAppID with the AppID you obtained when you registered your application.

Login with your merchant account, to obtain your Connection Ticket for the application.


When running the Intuit Merchant Service module for Shopp in test mode, you may use the following testing credit cards:

  • MasterCard: 5105105105105100
  • MasterCard: 5555555555554444
  • Visa: 4222222222222
  • Visa: 4111111111111111
  • Visa: 4012888888881881
  • American Express: 378282246310005
  • American Express: 371449635398431
  • Amex Corporate: 378734493671000
  • Diners Club: 38520000023237
  • Diners Club: 30569309025904
  • Discover: 6011111111111117
  • Discover: 6011000990139424

Viewing Transactions

Transactions that have processed can be viewed in the Intuit Merchant Service Center by logging in with the appropriate merchant account credentials.

  • PTC (Test Mode):
  • Production:
  1. Hi there!!

    Does it support recurring?


    July 22nd   #

  2. No, it does not have support for recurring payments.

    September 5th   #

  3. Please update this page to reflect current install location of the IntuitMS directory with the latest release of Shopp (1.3.1) and fix Shop+Support plug in to select correct directory location if using it to install add on.

    Correct location is: /wp-content/plugins/shopp/gateways/IntuitMS

    Great product love the new version

    February 19th   #

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