Shopp has an easy installation process like most other WordPress plugins.

Before You Install

There are a few things to do before setting up Shopp:
  • Ensure your website’s server environment meets the Shopp System Requirements
  • If you plan to use an onsite checkout process, you will need to buy and install an[SSL certificate on your server. For details, read about SSL Certificates in the Payment Gateways section.
To install Shopp:
  1. Download the plugin file:
  2. Unzip the file. This will create a shopp/ folder also known as a directory and add the Shopp plugin files to this directory.
  3. Using an FTP program, or the file transfer method your hosting provider recommends, upload the shopp/ directory to the (wordpress)/wp-content/plugins/ directory on your host where you have installed WordPress.
  4. Login to your WordPress administration page and click the Plugins menu
  5. Find Shopp in the list of available plugins and click Activate. The Shopp menus will appear on the left.
  6. Click on any of the Shopp menus to start setting up your new Shopp storefront!
  1. Hi where do I find the activation Key ?



    November 25th   #

  2. The Support Key is listed on your original Shopp purchase order receipt. You can also find them by logging into your account and accessing your order history.

    January 21st   #

  3. Where do i copy the PayPal Pro files to? I am a novice at this and need more instructions on how to do this correctly.



    March 20th   #

  4. Claire, see the instructions for installing Shopp gateway addons on the Additional Providers page.

    July 23rd   #

  5. I installed Shopp for testing, removed it and decided to use it. When I reinstalled the Shopp plugin, it did not create the catalog, cart, checkout pages. How do I make the =?

    March 3rd   #

  6. Shopp uses virtual pages, so you will not find regular WordPress pages. The pages can still be added to your menu the same way you add regular WordPress pages to the menu. If Shopp pages are not visible in the menu editor, check the screen options at the top of the screen.

    March 28th   #

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