Quick Setup

After installation, you will need to customize your store settings in order for your new Shopp installation to work properly.

Shopp Setup screen

This basic set up should be completed before beginning to use Shopp:
  • Base of Operations
    Select the location your store primarily operates out of to automatically set up currency, measurements and tax behaviors.

  • Target Markets
Select the markets you wish to sell to. Click the Select All toggle to select everything at once. Click the Select All toggle again to deselect all previously selected markets.

  • Merchant Email
Enter an email address to receive new order, payment and other email notices from the storefront.

  • Business Name & Address

    Enter the name and address of the business for the storefront. These details are able to be included on the order receipt and in any outgoing email notices.

  • Maintenance Mode
    Enabling maintenance mode will display an “unavailable for maintenance” message to web visitors on any of the Shopp pages. Disable it to show the normal storefront again.

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