The storefront is the public, front-end experience that your customers will use to shop for your products. It uses specialized storefront pages to show content from Shopp to your shoppers.

The storefront inherits the look and feel of your WordPress theme pages, and Shopp automatically creates content for these pages from your product catalog.

You can manage basic storefront page settings, such as naming your storefront pages, using the Pages settings, which can be found in the WordPress menus under ShoppSetupPages.

  1. Hi

    One quick thing. It makes no sense to me that a digital product does not have a digital (e-book) version of their Shopp UserGuide.

    Kind regards
    Laurence Lewis

    November 15th   #

  2. Actually we do and always have. You can find it under the Addendum section Downloadable eBook

    December 15th   #

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