Customer Manager

Customers Manager

The customer manager is accessible by selecting ShoppCustomer in the WordPress Admin. It provides a list of customer accounts or customer records depending on the account mode set in Shopp’s SetupPreferences screen.

When the account system is set to No Accounts, the customer manager will list customer records. Returning customers that use the same information during checkout will create duplicate records because in this mode, customer records are kept as a historical log, not as active accounts. Each customer record is linked directly to an order in the system.

When using either of the account enabled modes (Enable Account Logins or Enable Account Logins integrated with WordPress Users) the customer records are listed as accounts that can be created, updated or deleted. Using an account login mode, each customer record can include multiple orders, and the number and gross sales of a customer’s orders are including in the listing. To view a customer’s orders, click the order totals. The order manager will be loaded with orders placed by the selected customer.

Filter Customers by Date

Like the order manager, the customer manager allows filtering the customer list by date. To filter customers by date, click the drop-down menu labelled Show All Customers. Selecting a specific date range option will reveal start and end dates with the exact preset date range for the preset option selected from the menu. Click the Filter button to filter customers by the date range.

Searching Customers

Using the search field, you can find orders by entering the customer’s email address or any part of the customer’s name. Click the Search Customers button to run the search.

Advanced Search

Also like the order manager, advanced search operations can be performed by using specially formatted search terms. The format for searching specific order information follows a pattern that includes a keyword, identifying what order information to search, followed by a colon (:) and the search term.

All of these advanced searches can be used:

Search byExamples
Companycompany:”Ingenesis Limited”
(lines 1 or 2)address:”1 main st”
Citycity:”san jose”
State/Provincestate:”new york”
Zip/Postal Codeszip:95131

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