Customer Profile Editor

Customer account information, including name, contact details, billing address and shipping address can be changed using the customer profile editor. When using account logins, the customer’s password can also be changed.

To edit a customer account:
  1. Go to the Customer Manager in your WordPress admin under ShoppCustomers.
  2. Locate a customer record by browsing or searching.
  3. Click the customer’s name to view and edit the customer account.
To add a new customer account:
  1. Go to the Customer Manager in your WordPress admin under ShoppCustomers.
  2. Add New buttonClick the Add New button at the top of the manager, to load a new blank customer´┐╝ editor screen.
  3. Fill out the profile fields, at a minimum completing the fields marked (required).
  4. Click the Save Changes button to commit the new account.

Login & Password panel

Login & Password

Within the Customer Editor for both new and existing customers, Shopp account logins and passwords can be maintained using the Login & Password pane.

When WordPress account integration is enabled in Shopp, this pane can also be used to associate an existing WordPress account with the current Shopp customer record. For your convenience, Shopp will automatically suggest existing login names as you type. Note that for Shopp sites without WordPress account integration, the Login field will not be shown.

Similar to the new password fields found in WordPress for creating and setting new passwords on WordPress user accounts, the Login & Password pane will give a graphical Strength Indicator of how strong (or weak) the security of your chosen password is.

Consider using “strong” passwords, which are longer passwords containing mixed-case alphanumeric, and contain at least one special character (such as !,@,#,$ etc.)

To enable WordPress account integration:
  1. Login to your WordPress admin page and navigate to ShoppSetupPreferences.
  2. Under the Checkout Preferences group heading, locate the Customer Accounts heading.
  3. Set the Customer Accounts setting to Enable Account Logins integrated with WordPress Users.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.

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