Exporting Customers

Customers can be exported in a variety of formats with any number of available customer data columns needed.

Shopp supported customer export formats
  • Tab-separated.txt
  • Comma-separated.csv
  • Microsoft© Excel.xls

For Tab-separated, comma-separated and Microsoft® Excel file formats select the columns to include for each record in the export. Enable the Include column headings option to include column names in the first line of the export file.

Continuous Periodic Exports

Using filtering and searching you can isolate specific customers to export. Additionally, using date range filtering you can set up periodic exporting. Shopp stores the end date of each export that has date range filters enabled. This allows selecting the Last Export option from the date range drop-down menu which will automatically set the start field to the end date of the last completed export, and the end date field will be set to today’s current date.

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