Managing Orders

The order management system in Shopp gives you access to your store’s order history and allows you to move orders through a custom order processing workflow. The order management screen is accessible by clicking the Shopp menu, or ShoppOrders in the WordPress Admin.

Orders Manager

As orders are placed by customers, they will appear in your Order Manager. You can view orders in different order processing states using the Order Status Menu. The total number of orders for a status are listed beside the label. You can also filter orders by date ranges and searching.

Filter Orders by Date

To filter orders by date, click the drop-down menu initially labelled Show All Orders. Selecting a date range option will reveal the start date and end date fields showing the exact date range for the chosen preset range. Click the Filter button to filter orders by the given date range.

Searching Orders

Using the search field, you can find orders by entering a specific order number, the customer’s email address or any part of the customer’s name. Click the Search Orders button to run the search.

Advanced Search

Advanced search operations can be performed by using specially formatted search terms. The format for searching specific order information follows a pattern that includes a keyword identifying what order information to search followed by a colon (:) and a search term:

All of these advanced searches can be used:

Search byExamples
Transaction IDtxn:95M27911DT480180V
Gatewaygateway:”paypal express”
Credit Card Typecardtype:visa
Companycompany:”Ingenesis Limited”
(lines 1 or 2)address:”1 main st”
Citycity:”san jose”
State/Provincestate:”new york”
Zip/Postal Codeszip:95131
  1. What level must a WordPress user be in order to manage orders?
    “Admin”, “Editor”, other?

    I see what appear to be two Shopp-created user roles:
    “Merchant”, and “Customer Service Rep”, but couldn’t find documentation for them.

    I hope posting, and having answered this here is useful to others.

    September 25th   #

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