Order Status Labels

Shopp allows you to create your own custom Order Status Labels that can be set up to match your business order processing workflow. This means that you can define the lifecycle of an order with your own internal labels, such as Pending, Ready to Ship, Shipped, Complete, or whatever will work for your business.

You can change the status of an order manually, or match an Order Status Label to a transactional order event and Shopp will automatically update the order status. For example, you could assign a “Ready to Ship” label when payment has been authorized by assigning the Authorized order state to your custom “Ready to Ship” status label.

Custom Order Status Labels are defined in your Shopp preferences by logging into your WordPress Admin page and navigating to ShoppSetupPreferences.

Defining Labels

Order Status Labels setting

In the Preferences page, you can create your own Order Status Labels by locating the Order Status Labels settings.

Order state menu

To add a new Order Status Label:
  1. Click the plus add button sign to add a new label.
  2. Enter a new label for the Order Status, such as Pending, Billed, Paid, Shipped, etc., to reflect your business needs.
  3. Select the transactional order state in the select menu to the right to assign that event to the Order Status Label.
  4. Click the Save Changes button when finished adding order status labels.

Setting Order Status

Order Status labels are only automatically mapped at the time of the order event.

Order Status Labels are used automatically at the time Shopp receives a new transaction state for an order. For instance, when a payment gateway issues a refund on an order, if you have an Order Status label defined for the Refunded transaction state, it will be automatically set on the order (such as “Collections”.) It is up to you how these labels are defined, and when/if they will automatically be assigned to the order.

You can also manually set an Order Status Label on an order, using the Order Manager in list view.

To set an order status:

Order Status update menu

  1. Open the Order Manager admin page by logging into your WordPress Admin and navigating to ShoppOrders.
  2. Select one or more orders from the Order Manager list by clicking the box on the left of each row.
  3. Locate the status update menu, which is located next to the Update button, and select a new status for the selected orders.
  4. Click the Update button to change the order status for the selected orders.
  5. Click Ok to confirm the changes.

Date column with current custom order statusThe new Order Status label assigned to an order can be viewed in the Date column in the Order Manager list view.

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