Order Status

Orders in Shopp are tracked by two types of status: an order processing status and a payment status. The order processing status, or order status, is set by a store manager or store owner. In a new Shopp setup there are only two order status settings available: Pending and Completed. Other custom order status labels can be set in Shopp’s Checkout settings under ShoppSetupCheckout. Custom status labels allow you to define an order processing workflow specific to your how your business works. When orders are created, they are, by default, set to the first order status label in your settings. Managing order status is done manually.

The payment status of an order tracks the transaction state of the order. These are general values defined within Shopp that cannot be customized:

Transaction Status Types

  • Review
    The transaction has been marked for review, typically by the payment gateway.
  • Purchase Order
    The the purchase order for the transaction has been created. This status is set at the very onset of the transaction, typically before the invoiced balance is set, and before the payment is authorized or paid.
  • Invoiced
    The transaction is invoiced, and the order total becomes an open balance.
  • Authorized
    The payment for the transaction has been authorized by the payment gateway.
  • Paid
    The payment for the transaction has been accepted by the payment gateway.
  • Shipped
    The order has been marked as shipped by the merchant.
  • Refunded
    The payment for the transaction has been refunded.
  • Voided
    The balance on the transaction has been voided.

New Order Notifications

When an order is successfully placed on your storefront, an order notification email is automatically generated and sent to the customer. Depending on your store’s settings, a second notification is also sent to the email address entered into the Merchant Email setting. You can set the merchant email address under ShoppSetup. To set whether both the customer and the merchant receive new order notifications, go to SetupCheckout.

  1. “Other custom order status labels can be set in Shopp’s Checkout settings under Shopp → Setup → Checkout.”

    In 1.2, I believe this is under Shopp –> Setup –> Preferences.

    February 22nd   #

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