Payment Processing

Shopp integrates with lots of payment processing services, known as payment gateways.

Payment gateways are essentially the online equivalent of a credit card terminal. To accept a payment, your shopping cart software must integrate with your payment gateway. Shopp integrates with about 20 different payment gateways. Included with the core plugin are the following 4 payment gateways: PayPal Standard, PayPal Express, 2Checkout and Google Checkout. There are also 2 payment systems included in the core plugin that do not communicate with any service providers: Offline Payments and the Test Mode system. The rest of the payment gateways for Shopp are available as add-ons that you can buy individually at the Shopp Store.

  1. It looks like all sales are pending until the admin logs in and completes the sales. At that point the credit card is processed.

    Is there a way to automatically process the card and complete the sale?

    October 29th   #

  2. Yes! See the tutorial on the WorkShopp “Auto-Capture Shipped Orders

    December 15th   #

  3. I updated the Shopp plugin, but now my payment processor isn’t there. I purchased the eprocessing payment network plugin (last Fall) and have been using it. How do I get it reinstalled? Also, I purchased a support package, but I’m not seeing that on my site.

    This is for

    wp login is: mprice30 pw: mprice0817.

    June 24th   #

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