2Checkout Logo2Checkout.com is an offsite payment system provider. This means, not unlike Google and Paypal Standard, the customer is directed away from your site to finalize the payment and the order. Once the customer has filled in their information the 2Checkout site and finalize the order, 2Checkout contacts your Shopp site directly behind the scenes, and updates your order management list.

Shopp Settings for 2Checkout

2Checkout Settings

  • Login to your site admin and go to ShoppSetupPayments.
  • Select 2Checkout.com from the Add a payment system menu.
  • Enter your 2Checkout vendor account number.
  • Save Changes.
  • Copy the url provided for the Approved URL & Pending URL, to be used in your 2Checkout Vendor page. (Found under AccountSite Management.)

2Checkout Account Setup

  • Go to 2Checkout.com.
  • Click Vendor Login at the top of the page.
  • Click the Account tab.
  • Click the Site Management tab.

Site Management

  • Demo Setting
    On, Off, or Parameter.
  • Currency
    Select which type currency your Shopp is running on.
  • Company Information
    Fill in your company information such as, Company Name, URL, Soft Descriptor, Site Title, Site Description, and Site Category.
  • Direct Return
    Select whether the customer is given a link to return to your site, or immediately returned to your site.
  • Secret Word
    Your secret word is used in the encryption of a parameter 2CO will send to upon completion of a sale, namely, the MD5 hash. (Check the Enable order verification setting in your Shopp payment setup for 2CO to use this secret word.)
  • URL’s
    Paste the Approved URL & Pending URL from your Shopp payment setup.

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