Offline Payments

The Offline Payment module is a method for your customers to checkout without submitting a payment method. The Offline Payments module provides a simple pass-thru checkout process that gives instructions for customers to make payments offline, such as over the telephone.

The offline payment module can be used multiple times for different offline payment methods. For example, you could set up multiple offline payment options for making Bank Transfer payments and a second option for mailing check payments.

Setting up Offline Payments
  • Select Offline Payments from the Add a payment system menu in the ShoppSetupPayments screen.
  • Change the Option Name to a label appropriate to the offline payment such as Bank Transfer, C.O.D. or Mailed Payment, for example.
  • Enter the payment instructions in the text box provided (the instructions will be shown to customers at the end of the checkout process) and click the Save Changes button.

Offline Payment Settings

Digital downloads will not be available until the order is marked Paid

Orders created with the Offline Payment method will automatically be set to a
pending order state. Upon receipt of the payment from the customer, a store manager will need to locate the order in the Shopp order manager, edit the order and select the Charge Order button to mark the order as Paid.

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