Endicia is better shipping processing for your Shopp storefront. It streamlines the process of creating shipping labels with postage for shipping through the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Getting Started

To get started using Endicia for Shopp, you will need to:


Installing using the WordPress Plugin Installer

  • Login to your WordPress Admin
  • Click Plugins from the menus
  • Click the Add New button next the to title of the page
  • Click the Upload link under the Install Plugins title of the page
  • Click the Choose File button and select the Endicia.zip plugin file you downloaded from your Shopp Store order
  • Click the Install Now button
  • When finished installing click the Activate Now link to activate the plugin

Installing by FTP/SFTP

  • Using your favorite FTP or SFTP program, locate your plugin directory; If your WordPress installation is located at /var/sites/mysite/, your plugin directory will be located at /var/sites/mysite/wp-content/plugins/.
  • Unzip the Endicia.zip file, and upload the unpacked endicia/ folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Login to your WordPress Admin
  • Click Plugins from the menus
  • Locate the Endicia plugin and click the Activate link to activate the plugin


Setting up the Endicia plugin is easy. Once the plugin has activated you will need to complete the setup process before you can begin creating labels. Setup includes two basic steps: entering your account details and buying postage.

When the plugin is activated it will add a new set of menus to the WordPress Admin. Click the Account menu to enter your account details:

  • Account ID
    Enter the account ID you received in the email from Endicia when you completed the account signup process.
  • Passphrase
    Enter the passphrase you setup as your temporary software pass phrase. This is not the same as your Internet Password that is used to login to your endicia.com account.
  • Complete your Name, Company, Email and Address
  • Click the Save Changes button when you are done.

Managing Shipping

When your account is properly setup you will be able to use Endicia Shipping to manage Shopp orders that neeed shipped and buy postage.

The Endicia Shipping screen shows all the orders that have shipped products that still need shipped. At the top of the Endicia Shipping screen is a green Available Postage button. The button shows the postage balance available on your account and allows you to quickly and easily buy new postage.

Buying Postage

Buying postage is very easy. Move your mouse over the + symbol on the Available Postage button and it will expand to allow you to enter an amount of new postage to buy. Click the + symbol to buy the amount you entered.

A confirmation dialog window will appear to make sure you really want to buy the postage to prevent accidental purchases. Click the OK button to continue and add the amount to your available postage balance. If there purchase is successful, you will see your Available Postage balance adjust with to the new amount.

Be aware that the minimum postage purchase has changed to $10. The default value of $5 will not work.

Creating Shipping Labels with Postage

As new orders are created on your site that include items that need shipped, the orders will appear in the Endicia Shipping center. Creating labels for an order will mark the order as shipped and remove it from the Endicia Shipping screen.

To create a shipping label with postage for an order:

  • Select an order by clicking the Order # link.
  • The order will load in Shopp’s order manager.
  • Locate the Shipping Labels panel (normally located in the lower left of the order manager, below the Customer panel.
  • Enter the details for how you will be shipping the products and click the Prepare Label for Printing… button.
  • The shipping label will be created by Endicia and sent back to your site so that you can print it on most standard printers. When printing to premade labels, you may need to adjust some printer page margins to align the printed label image properly.
  • After a label has been created for an order, it will appear in the Order History panel along with an entry for the shipment tracking number created for the package. Additionally, a notice will be emailed to your customer with the tracking information automatically so that they can conveniently access tracking information from usps.com.

See below for deatils on using the Shipping Labels panel.

Shipping Labels Panel

  • Packaging
    Choose the mail piece packaging you plan to use for the shipment. Not all packaging types are available with every mail service selected. Changing the mail Service will change the packages available to be selected in the Packaging menu.
  • Service
    Choose the mail service you want to use for the shipment. The service you choose may restrict some of the Packaging options available.
  • Weight
    The weight will be pre-calculated for the entire order by default. You can adjust it to include the weight of the final package (including packing materials that may add to the overall weight) or you may decide to split the order into multiple packages. In that case enter the weight for each package as separate labels.
  • Length, Width & Thickness
    The length, width and thickness of a package is only needed for Package and Oversized Package packaging types. They are not strictly required to get accurate postage, but some packages exceeding USPS posted ranges (see the usps.com site for details on these ranges) will need dimensions in order for USPS to correctly calculate dimensional weight for accurate shipment costs. Length and width should be measured across the bottom of the package. Thickness should be measured across the thickness or height of the package.
  • Non-machinable
    This flags packages that are not able to be automatically sorted by USPS automation because of it’s size, shape or particularly fragile contents.
  • Special Services
    The list of special services allows you to add any extra shipping services provided by USPS. Enabling any of the extra services can increase the overall cost of the final postage.

    • Delivery Confirmation
      Find out when your item was delivered or when delivery was attempted using the USPS Track & Confirm tool.
    • Signature Confirmation
      Find out when an item was delivered or delivery was attempted, and add security by requiring a signature.
    • Restricted Delivery
      Specify the people who can sign for and receive your item.
    • Hold For Pickup
      A package delivered Hold For Pickup will be kept safely at the Post Office until the customer collects it.
    • Insurance
      Package insurance is provided by Endicia to ensure items in your shipment up to $5,000 against loss or damage. The price is based on the declared value.
    • Adult Signature
      Make sure an adult signs for your shipment; this service requires the signature of an adult at the recipient’s address who is 21 years of age or older. You’ll get delivery information, as well as the recipient’s signature and name.
    • Adult Signature Restricted Delivery
      With this service, your package is delivered only after the addressee or their authorized agent verifies their identity, shows that they’re 21 years of age or older, and signs for it.


Some labels may not be able to be created when a phone number is not provided in your Endicia account settings. Be sure a 10-digit phone number is set in your Endicia account settings found under Endicia ShippingAccount.

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