TaxCloud Plugin for Shopp

The TaxCloud plugin for WordPress and Shopp e-commerce integrates your storefront with your TaxCloud account. TaxCloud makes it easy to calculate sales tax for any US address.

TaxCloud is a highly available, secure, remotely invoked web service that gives you complete control over the presentation and reconciliation of all the steps in managing sales taxes for your customers’ purchases.
All of TaxCloud’s services are available to Shopp merchants completely free of charge. This is possible because TaxCloud funds its operation based on commissions paid by U.S. state governments.


Start by Registering for a TaxCloud account

Create an API ID and API Key

As part of the TaxCloud registration process you will be asked to enter the URL of your web store(s). This is done on the “Locations” page. When you enter a website, a window will open from the bottom of the page. That window will include the API ID and API Key.

  1. Log into your TaxCloud account, and navigate to AccountLocations
  2. Click Add Website and enter your site’s name, and the Website URL.
  3. After creating the website, click the new site in the list below, and the TaxCloud API ID and TaxCloud API Key will be revealed below.

Obtain US Postal Service account

Before TaxCloud address verification can be used, a USPS UserID must be created.

  1. Fill out the form at USPS
  2. USPS ID will me emailed to you.
  3. Simply copy and paste this USPS UserID into the USPS UserID field of your Shopp TaxCloud configuration settings.

Plugin Requirements

  • WordPress 3.1 or higher
  • Shopp Plugin 1.2.3 or higher
  • PHP 5.1 or higher, with the SoapClient library.


Installing using the WordPress Plugin Installer

  • Upload your file to WordPress by navigating to your WordPress administrative site → Plugins → Add New → Upload.
  • Select Choose File, select and click Install Now

Installing by FTP/SFTP

  • Using your favorite FTP or SFTP program, locate your plugin directory; If your WordPress installation is located at /var/sites/mysite/, your plugin directory will be located at /var/sites/mysite/wp-content/plugins/.
  • Unzip the file, and upload the unpacked TaxCloud folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.


In your WordPress administrative menu, activate the TaxCloud plugin for WordPress and Shopp e-commerce by navigating to Plugins and click the Activate link.

TaxCloud Settings

Navigate in your WordPress admin to Shopp → Setup → Taxes → Settings and add your TaxCloud settings:

  1. Enter your TaxCloud API ID
  2. Enter your TaxCloud API Key
  3. Enter your USPS ID
  4. Enter your Business address

Important: In order for TaxCloud to function properly, you must have Calculate Taxes enabled. Also, it is strongly recommend that you configure Shopp to use the base rate of each state where you have Nexus.

Add tax information codes

A TIC (Taxability Information Code) is used to classify your merchandise for purposes of taxation.
It is important that you update your Shopp catalog of merchandise so that each item is assigned the proper TIC. TIC help TaxCloud determine if an item of merchandise is exempt from taxation or has a special rate. For example, in some states Clothing (TIC 20010) is exempt from sales tax. This is also true of Shipping charges (TIC 11010). Shopp automatically submits Shipping charges to TaxCloud with your cart items, and will add tax if TaxCloud determines they apply to your customer. Use this table to determine the proper TIC code for your products..

In your product catalog, add a TIC code for each product or service for accurate tax calculation for each item.

  1. Navigate to the product editor for each product through your WordPress admin → Shopp → Catalog → Products.
  2. Add a new product, or edit an existing one.
  3. Located the TIC Code area, and select an appropriate TIC code for the product or service the product represents.

Any product that has not been assigned a TIC code will automatically be treated as a Generic Product / Service with TIC code “00000”.

How TaxCloud Works

  1. When your customer has added an item to the cart, if they are already logged in to an existing customer with a complete and accurate shipping address in your state, TaxCloud will automatically calculate the correct taxrate for each item in the cart, and it will be displayed in the cart summary.
  2. Otherwise, in the cart, the customer can get a base estimate from your Shopp state rate when they enter their postcode.
  3. After the customer proceeds to the checkout page, if necessary they will enter their address information, payment information, and will submit their order.
  4. At this point, TaxCloud will verify their address with the US Postal Service, and will standardize the address to the US Postal Service database. If the customer has entered a complete address, but has only entered the first 5 digits of their ZIP code, TaxCloud’s USPS service will add the correct ZIP+4 address to their shipping address, and then will lookup the most accurrate tax rates for the items in the cart being shipped to that address. If the address is not valid, the customer will return to the checkout page, and the error returned from the US Postal Service will be displayed.
  5. The TaxCloud plugin for Shopp will then transmit a copy of the current cart to TaxCloud.
  6. When the payment has been authorized, the TaxCloud plugin will notify TaxCloud that the payment has been authorized.
  7. When the payment charge completes, TaxCloud will be notified of the completed order, and the taxes collected on the order will be added to your TaxCloud account record.
  8. If for some reason you need to refund the order for your customer, the plugin will notify TaxCloud that each item will be returned, and the tax charges will be removed from your account.

Information regarding your site’s communication with TaxCloud can be found in the Order Manager transaction log in Shopp, including any errors that may have occurred, and successful Authorized, Captured, and Returned messages that have been sent to TaxCloud, along with the Cart ID submitted for each order.

Testing TaxCloud Settings

Before your web store can go live with TaxCloud you will have to complete a test order. This will allow us to confirm that your settings are correct. After you have done this there will be a “go live” button available for your website in TaxCloud. Once you click this button all of your transactions will be recorded as live transactions in the TaxCloud system.

There are no restrictions, so feel free to test as much as necessary.

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