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Flat Order Rates Settings

Flat rate calculators provide the simplest cost structure to manage. A single rate is matched to a specific destination. When the customer provides shipping address information through the shipping estimate form in the shopping cart, or by completing their full shipping address during checkout, the most specifically matching shipping destination rate is used.

An easy example to understand how it works is to set up a flat rate shipping option named Standard with the following destination rates for a business shipping packages from Colorado:

  • Anywhere – $15
  • North America – $10
  • Continental US – $5
  • Hawaii – $7
  • Alaska – $7
  • Colorado – $4

For this example, customers that use a United Kingdom shipping address will see the Standard shipping option with a cost of $15 (Anywhere). A customer with a Virginia, USA address will see the Standard shipping option with a cost of $5 (Continental US). A customer with a Mexico shipping address will see the Standard shipping option with a cost of $10 (North America). The state specific rates are more specific than any of the other destinations and will only match for customers with shipping addresses in those states.

The following are the flat rate shipping calculators built-in to Shopp:

  • Flat Order Rates
    Flat Order Rates provides shipping rates to cover the entire order. Multiple rates can be added, one for each shipping destination.
  • Flat Item Rates
    Flat Item Rates provides per-item shipping rates. The rates entered for each destination is multiplied by the quantity of items in the order. For example, if a customer orders 2 T-shirts and 1 pair of socks, a shipping rate of $3 will be multiplied by 3, the total quantity of items, for a total cost of $9.
  • Free Option
    The Free Option shipping calculator provides $0 shipping costs. This is useful for offering a free pickup option for brick and mortar businesses that can offer it. Like the other shipping systems in Shopp, you can specify which destinations the option applies to, even narrowing availability down to the postal code level (for US and Canada).

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