Shipping Calculator Setup

To add a shipping rate calculator:

The shipping rate manager is only available when Calculate Shipping is enabled in the Shipping Settings.

  • Go to the Shipping Rates admin page from ShoppSetupShipping.
  • Select the desired rate calculator from the menu labeled Add a shipping method, to open the rate calculator editor.
  • Add an Option Name for the rate calculator. This name will be displayed to the customer as a shipping option on the checkout page.
  • Set the Estimated Delivery range, which will be used on the checkout page to calculate delivery dates.
  • If you will be using a real-time shipping system, you can select the box for Real-time rates fallback, if you wish the shipping option to be used only when real-time rates from the service provider are unavailable.
  • From the Destination menu, select the shipping destination for the rate, or rate table.
  • If the destination is the US or Canada, you may also enter a Postal Code for the rate, or rate table. See Using Postal Codes below.
  • Set up the Rate or rate table for the destination.
Adding or removing a line to a rate table:
  • To add a new line to a rate table, click the plus add button on the right side of the line.
  • To remove a line from a rate table, click the minus Delete Icon on the left side of the line.
To add a destination to a rate calculator:
  • Go to the Shipping Rates admin page from ShoppSetupShipping.
  • Click the edit link under the label of the desired rate calculator, to open the rate calculator editor.
  • Click the Add Destination Rate button at the bottom of the rate calculator editor.

Tips For Using Postal Codes

When adding destinations to rate calculators for destinations in the US and Canada, you can add postal code matching rules for the rate. The postal code field for the destination can include a single postal code, or a set of comma-separated rules.

A complete postal code can be used:


An asterisks (*) can be used to match multiple postal codes.


A hyphen (-) can be used to specify a range of numeric postal codes:


A list of postal codes and postal code rules can be separated by commas:


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