Shipping Calculators

Shopp shipping rates calculators can be set up to add shipping method selections and cost estimates to your storefront.

Shopp shipping calculators come in two types built-in types, Flat Rate Calculators and Tiered Rate Calculators, as well as a number of real-time shipping systems, which are available as add-on modules. See Additional Shipping Systems for more information.

To enable shipping rate calculators:

To configure shipping rate calculators, navigate in your WordPress admin to ShoppSetupShipping. If shipping rate calculation is enabled, the shipping rate manager should appear. Otherwise, check the box labeled Calculate Shipping, and click the Save Changes button. Next, click the Rates submenu to view the shipping rate manager.

Standard Shipping Calculators

The shipping calculators built-in to Shopp provide shipping costs dependent primarily on the destination of the order. Each calculator can be used multiple times so that you can set up different shipping options with varied cost structures giving your customers more choices. A good example would be setting up a flat rate shipping calculator with the same destinations, but different rates for a Standard shipping option and an Expedited shipping option.

The built-in shipping calculators all share the same destination settings. Each calculator can apply to several different destinations from generic regions to very specific locations. For example, you can set up a shipping option with rates for anywhere in the world, for specific continental regions, or countries within those regions, or areas within a country, all the way down to specific states (or provinces) and even a list of zip code ranges (for US and Canada).

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