Shipping Settings

Shipping SettingsShopp shipping settings can be found from your site admin under ShoppSystemShipping.

To edit shipping settings:

If the Calculate Shipping setting is disabled, configurable shipping settings will be display prominently on the Shipping Settings admin page.

When the Calculate Shipping setting has been enabled, the Shipping Settings admin page will display two submenus, Rates and Settings. Configurable settings will be moved to the Settings submenu.

Calculate Shipping settingClick the Settings submenu option to configure shipping settings after shipping ´┐╝calculations has been enabled.

The following settings can be configured:

  • Calculate Shipping
    Check to enable shipping cost calculation.
  • Track Inventory
    Check to enable inventory tracking and management features.
  • Shipping Carriers
    Check the shipping carriers that you will be using to deliver shipped items.

Packaging method and limit settings are only available when using supported real-time shipping rate systems.

  • Packaging
    Select the packaging behavior that will be used for real-time shipping rate systems.
  • Package Limit
    Set the maximum weight of a package for real-time shipping rate systems.
  • Units
    Set the weight and dimensional units for products.
  • Order Processing
    Set the estimated time range for processing orders for shipment.
  • Low Inventory
    Set the low inventory warnings threshold.
  • Order Handling Fee
    The handling fee that will be added to the shipping subtotal of all shipped orders.
  • Free Shipping Text
    Set the text used to indicate free shipping in the cart.
  • Out of Stock Notice
    Set the text used to indicate a product is out of stock in the product catalog pages.

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